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8-Bit Character Sets - ISO 2375 Register

Current edition

ISO 2375 Register
International Register of Coded Character Sets to be used with Escape Sequences

This register is updated as additional entries are approved in accordance with the procedures of ISO 2375. It does not have discrete editions. It is available from the Registration Authority:

The register used to be available free of charge in paper form. However, the register is now available in a much more convenient form electronically on the Web.


This register contains the specifications of all coded character sets and control functions that can be brought into use by means of escape sequences. Many, but not all, of the coded character sets specified in the register are taken from national and international standards.

Each register entry is assigned a registration number that provides an unambiguous method for referencing that entry. It is specified in ISO 2375 that the entry with registration number nn should be referenced as ISO-IR nn.

Tutorial guidance

The ISO 2375 Register is divided into the following sections and subsections:

The registration numbers and escape sequences for a number of register entries are given elsewhere in this guide. These entries may be found as follows:

Register entries which specify C0 and C1 sets of control functions include:

The escape sequences listed designate these sets as the C0 or C1 code element, as appropriate.

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