CEN Guide to the Use of Character Sets in EuropeTC 304

8-bit Character Sets - ISO 2375

Current edition

ISO 2375:1985
Data processing - Procedure for registration of escape sequences (third edition).


The structure of 7-bit and 8-bit codes for the representation of character sets, and code extension techniques for use with such character sets, are specified in ISO/IEC 2022. These code extension techniques make use of escape sequences, a concept defined in ISO/IEC 2022. That standard defines classes of escape sequences but does not assign particular meanings to individual escape sequences. ISO 2375 specifies the procedures to be followed in preparing and maintaining a register of specific escape sequence meanings.

Tutorial guidance

The procedures of ISO 2375 allow for the registration of an escape sequence, for the withdrawal of a registration by the authority that sponsored it, and in exceptional circumstances for the revision of a registration.

The registration authority for ISO 2375 is:

The register used to be available free of charge in paper form. however, the register is now available in a much more convenient form electronically on the Web. See the separate entry in this guide on the ISO 2375 Register for more details of its contents.

More detail of the general classification of escape sequences is given in the section of this guide on control functions.

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