CEN Guide to the Use of Character Sets in EuropeTC 304

8-bit Character Sets - ISO/IEC 7350

Current edition

ISO/IEC 7350:1991
Information technology - Registration of repertoires of graphic characters from ISO/IEC 10367 (second edition).


ISO/IEC 7350 specifies the procedures to be followed in preparing, publishing and maintaining a register of graphic character repertoires which are composed entirely of graphic characters from ISO/IEC 10367. The coded representation of the characters of such repertoires is not prescribed by the entries in the register.

Tutorial guidance

A repertoire registered in accordance with ISO/IEC 7350 is required to consist of either:


ISO/IEC 7350 requires a numeric identifier to be assigned to each registered repertoire. This identifier is intended for use with the control function IDENTIFY GRAPHIC SUBREPERTOIRE (IGS) that is defined in ISO/IEC 6429. The coding of this control function and its integer parameter by a control sequence is described in the section of this guide concerning control functions.

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