CEN Guide to the Use of Character Sets in EuropeTC 304

8-bit Character Sets - Technical Guidance

This section of the guide provides a description of the properties of character sets that may be useful, or which should be avoided, in various application environments. It also provides a more detailed account of the construction of graphic character sets and control functions than is provided in the Introduction.

The chapter on graphic characters describes the subtle differences in use between character sets with 94 and 96 positions. It explains how both types of set can make use of either single-byte or multiple-byte coding, the latter providing access to the large character sets required for Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideographic scripts. It also explains how, even without the use of multiple-byte coding, use of combining characters permits a coded character set to represent more characters than it has code positions.

The chapter on control functions describes the two main sources of such functions:

It explains the use of such control functions, with particular emphasis on those control functions that are used for code extension.

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