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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 program of work and milestones

Here are the details of all WG2 work items/projects within SC2:

1.       Achievements since last SC2 plenary

SC2/WG2 held four meetings in October 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in June 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania, in San Jose, CA in February 2014 and in Colombo, Sri Lanka in September 2014 since the last SC2 plenary in October 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


2.       SC2/WG2 program of work.

ISO/IEC 10646:2014

Information technology Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) (Freely available from the ITTF web site)

Published 2014-09-01


101 Characters:  Arabic Extended, Gujarati, Telugu, Cherokee, Number Forms, Devanagari Extended, Cherokee Supplement, Combining Half Marks, Grantha and Siddham


Below is a list of the 11630 characters in this PDAM:

08A0-08FF Arabic Extended-A
L2/013-130R L2/013-223 WG2 N4474 L2/014-105 N4589 N4592 N4597

0C80-0CFF Kannada
See document: WG2 N4591 L2/014-153

0D00-0D7F Malayalam
WG2 N4428 N4429 L2/013-063 L2/013-051

1C80-1C8F Cyrillic Extended-C
WG2 N4607 L2/14-196

20A0-20CF Currency Symbols

2300-23FF Miscellaneous Technical
L2/14-009 N4535

2E00-2E7F Supplemental Punctuation
L2/13-238 N4534 N4595 L2/14-157

4E00-9FFF CJK Unified Ideographs

A720-A7FF Latin Extended-D

A880-A8DF Saurashtra
See document: N4590 L2/14-153

10140-1018F Ancient Greek Numbers
N4594 N4596 L2/14-156 L2/14-158

10300-1032F Old Italic
WG2 N4395 L2/12-386

104B0-104FF Osage

11200-1124F Khojki
L2/14-133 N4575

11660-1167F Mongolian Supplement
WG2 N4542 N4547 N4632 L2/14-067

11A00-11A4F Zanabazar Square
WG2 N4541 L2/14-028

11C00-11C6F Bhaiksuki
See document: WG2 N4573 L2/14-091

11C70-11CBF Marchen
See  document: WG2 N4491 L2/13-197

11FC0-11FFF Tamil Supplement
See  document WG2 N4430 L2/13-047

16FE0-16FFF Ideographic Symbols and Punctuation
See  document: N4525 N4522

17000-187EF Tangut
See  document N4525 N4522

18900-18BFF Tangut Radicals

1B100-1B28F Nushu
WG2 N4472 L2/13-160

1E000-1E02F Glagolitic Supplement
WG2 N4608 L2/14-087R

2CBE0-2DDBF CJK Unified Ideographs Extension F
WG2 N4580


3.       Other Achievements:

4.       Proposals for future WG2 meetings:

  1. Approve Disposition of Comments PDAM 2- 4th edition of ISO/IEC 10646.
  2. Update the Roadmaps of 10646
  3. Update Principles & Procedures
  4. Review additional contribution experts of national bodies, liaison organizations and others.

5.       SC2 issues for consideration/approval:

  1. Approve the disposition of comments on DAM 1 of 4th edition ISO/IEC 10646.
  2. Approve the disposition of comments on PDAM 2 of the 4th edition.
  3. Approve appointment of the new Rapporteur of the IRG Dr. Lu Qin for a new term that ends at the next SC2 plenary meeting.
  4. Approve the recommendations of meeting 63 in Colombo, Sri Lanka in September 2014.
  5. Approve future meetings of SC2/WG2  & IRG Meetings as follows:

Meeting 64 - 2015-10-19/23, Matsue, Japan (location is tentative) (co-located with SC2) WG2
Meeting 65 - 2016-10 (tentative), Russia (tentative), USA (backup) (co-located with SC2) WG2
Meeting 66 - 2017-10 (tentative), China (pending confirmation) (co-located with SC2)

IRG Meeting 44 - 2015-06-15/19, Seoul, Korea (Republic of)
IRG Meeting 45 - 2015-10-26/30 (2015-11-16/20 as backup), HK Polytechnic Univ., Hong Kong SAR

  1. Reconfirm Project Editor Mr. Michel Suignard
  2. Approve appointment of new Convener, Michel Suignard
  3. Review and appoint liaison coordinators until next SC2 plenary
  4. Post latest snap shot of the Roadmap (N4617) to SC2 web site.

6.       WG2 Liaisons

WG2 continues to work very closely with the following liaison organizations.

In addition, WG2 has worked very closely with the following working groups but no official liaison exists between them and WG2.

7.       Mailing List

The average number of recipients of WG2 documents is about 100. Their national bodies or individuals that are linguistic and/or technical experts on coding technology nominate them. The number of attendees, representing about 19 national bodies, 3 liaison organizations and 18 affiliations, is now steady at an average of 35 people per meeting. There are approximately 200 technical experts who actively provide input to our working group.

8.  Convener's reports

A number of convener's reports are available: