ISO/ IEC ISLISP - Projects

The conveners report for 1997 is available.

Defect Reports

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC/WG16 is awaiting Defect Reports on ISO/IEC 13816, published in May 1997.

Work Item JTC1.22.23 ISO/IEC 13816 - Programming Language ISLISP

The WG16 investigated modules, i18n, graphics, binding facilities, taking into consideration several input documents from the member nations. But none of them was identified as standardizable in the short term, because of lack of maturity of current technology. At the 15th meeting in Bath WG16 identified some of them (in particular, C binding) should be included in a subsequent revision of the standard ISO/IEC 13816.

SC22/WG16 Milestones

WG16 investigated revising ISO/IEC 13816, but has not made a schedule
for this revision yet.