Faroese language locale for Faroe Islands, Narrative Cultural Specification

Users: general, applications: general
Source: Danish Standards Association, date: 1996-10-15, version: 4.3
Token identifier: fo_FO,_4.3
POSIX-locale: fo_FO,_4.3

Clause 1: Alphanumeric deterministic ordering

Ordering in Faroese is following Danish specifications.

Clause 2: Classification of characters

Faroese uses normal classification of letters in uppercase and lowercase, this classification is also applicable to scripts like Greek and Cyrillic.

Clause 3: Numeric formatting

Numeric formatting in Faroese is following Danish specifications.

Clause 4: Monetary formatting

Monetary formatting in Faroese is following Danish specifications.

Clause 5: Date and time conventions

Both weekday and month names are written with an initial lower case letter in Faroese (Normal capitalizing rules apply in the beginning of a sentence, etc.).

English name Weekday names Short weekday names
Sunday sunnudagur sun
Monday mánadagur mán
Tuesday týsdagur týs
Wednesday mikudagur mik
Thursday hósdagur hós
Friday fríggjadagur frí
Saturday leygardagur ley

English name Month name Short month name
January januar jan
February februar feb
March mars mar
April apríl apr
May mai mai
June juni jun
July juli jul
August august aug
September september sep
October oktober okt
November november nov
December desember des

Long date: 07 juni 1994
Abbreviated day and time: tir 07 jun 1994 23:22:33 CET DST
long date with weekday: mikudagur 21. desember 1994
Abbreviated long date: 07 jun 1994
Numeric date: 1994-06-07
Time: 18:06:20

The 24 hour system is used in the Faroe Islands. There are no abbreviations commonly in use for before or after noon.

Clause 6: Affirmative and negative answers

Yes expressions 1JjYy
No expressions 0Nn

End of Narrative Cultural Specification.