Organizations as well as private individuals can become a member of DKUUG. Membership for organizations can be obtained in two ways: Ordinary and Grand member. The last alternative is a supporting membership which gives the right to use of the services we offer in a larger scale, but it does not give any extra influence on the organization as a whole.

Members can participate in seminars and workshops with a great discount on the participation fee. Non-members are welcome at the seminars and workshops too, but has to pay full price for participating. All members can freely particpate in the club evenings, which is solely for members of DKUUG. EurOpen and UniForum conventions requires a seperate payment, and also here DKUUG members can take advantage of a discount.

Organization Members

Organization members can recieve up to 4 copies (Grand members 12) of DKUUG-Nyt and one copy of EurOpen Quaterly.

Organization members can sign up four people for seminars and workshops, (Grand members: unlimited), if more than 4 is participating the rest will have to pay as if they were non-members.

Plain organization members as well as Grand members has one vote at the yearly DKUUG general assembly meeting.

Individual Members

Private individuals who sign up for membership of DKUUG, has slightly less member offers, but are free to participate in the seminares and workshops taking full advantage of the discounts offered. They can freely join club evenings as well and will also recieve DKUUG-Nyt and EurOpen News Sheet. However, they do not have the right to vote at the general assembly meeting.

The subscription for 1998 and how-to sign up for membership can be found at the membership application.

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