Club evenings

Club evenings are being held in Copenhagen, Århus and Aalborg. We are working on starting up activities in Odense as well.

The club evenings is pretty informal meetings, which to some extent was created to preserve the free spirit of UNIX, due to the at the time, increasing formality of the seminares; which was the result of the overall growth of DKUUG as well as the growing number of people who attended the seminares.

In Copenhagen as well as Århus and Aalborg the initiative is purely local based. In Copenhagen the meetings are scheduled the last Tuesday in every month, located at the Institute of Computer Science (DIKU). The locals from Aalborg has chosen the second last Tuesday in every month for the meetings, which is located at the Institute of Electronic Systems at AUC (Aalborg University Center). In Århus the location is DAIMI, Ny Munkegade.

The time of start for the meetings is scheduled at 19:00, this applies to all of the locations.

The topics discussed is more technical than the at the seminares, however not to the extent that every single bit is turned and contemplated.

A few examples on previous topics at club evenings:

The arrangement typically lasts for a few hours, and the invited speakers are used to an informal atmosphere with qualified questions, and an active crowd of partipants.
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