The prices for Membership of DKUUG for the year 1998 exclusive VAT:
All prices stated is calculated in Danish crowns. (DKK)
Organization members which can freely request 3 extra copies of DKUUG-nyt
3.250,- DKK
Grand members which can freely request 11 extra copies of DKUUG-nyt 9.000,- DKK
Individual members 560,- DKK
Subscribe to DKUUG-nyt (without membership), excl moms 297,- DKK
Further subscriptions of DKUUG-nyt, excl moms 247,- DKK
If you are signing up for membership after the 1st of July, the price is reduced with 50%

We require a signature on the Member application, therefore we suggest you either fax the below form or mail it to us by using ordinary mail:

Membership Application

We/I wish to be __ Organisation member
__ Grand member
__ Individual member
We/I only wish to subscribe for DKUUG-nyt (10 issues per. year) __

DKUUG is NOT allowed to use this information on commercial address directories.: __

Name or Company:

Your signature:

Only for Organization Members / Grand Members:

Contact Person:
Other individuals who should recieve DKUUG-nyt: (Name, Occupation):

(please attach a seperate list if this form is too small)
Mail or fax a copy of this form to:
Danish UNIX systems User Group
Fruebjergvej 3
DK-2100 KÝbenhavn \

Tel: +45 3917-9944
Fax: +45 3920-8948

Comments and/or feedback to: Sekretariatet
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