Seminars and Workshops

DKUUG arranges a line of seminars and workshops: The seminars are the big topic, where all attendees get the opportunity to collect a broad knowledge concerning various topics, from the best speakers from Denmark as well as from abroad.

For end-users its an effective way to obtain a market-list: Which suppliers can do what, in what direction is the concept of Open Systems moving and how will the latest action from the various line-of-work organisations and standardizing affect your organization? For suppliers it will of course also be beneficial to get information about the competing organizations, or perhaps open new possibilities by cooperation with other suppliers.

But even though supplieres among the speakers can profile themselves as active participators on the market for Open Systems, the topics arent sales results. All topics are discussed deeply and with a professional debate from, not only the attendees located, but also the other speakers present, to contemplate all arguments.

The seminars is primarily for those who makes decisions, concerning longterm guide-lines for developement, more than technical solutions.

The number of participants that attend the seminars, is ranging from 50 to 170, and appr. 10 seminars is being held every year. The large interest of the seminars and also the organizations healthy economical status, allows the opportunity for competent speakers.

DKUUG also arranges course-like workshops, where all participants get a deeper insight into a specific topic, usually with a course leader present a whole day or more. One of the more popular courses has been a workshop dealing with security aspects, featuring Rik Farrow.

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