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DKUUG - Services

DKUUG is the Danish UNIX systems User Group. Our goal is to increase the use of Open Systems, based on the UNIX operatingsystem.

DKUUG has a magazine for members, a new issue is released every month, we arrange seminars for all members, mostly professionals but we also arrange more club-like evenings, located in Copenhagen and AALBUG in Aalborg).
We are involved in standardizing of Open Systems (POSIX, C, globalization and Internet), we work on making a Danish UNIX online marketlist, various other member services on the net, among others a huge archive with UNIX source files, including LINUX and FreeBSD.

DKUUG is affiliated the European forum for Open Systems, EurOpen and the international UNIX user group UniForum.

A list of the current board and groups of DKUUG is available.

Danish UNIX systems User Group
Fruebjergvej 3
DK-2100 København Ø

E-Mail: the Secretariat
Tel: +45 3917-9944
Fax: +45 3920-8948

Comments and/or feedback: Keld Simonsen