Windows NT as an XPG4 UNIX System

Stephe Walli, Softway systems
Klubmøde tirsdag d. 21. maj 1996 kl 19:00 på DIKU

Windows NT(TM) is architected such that applications run as clients of subsystems that provide the services they need. These subsystems, for example Win32 and POSIX, map the service requests to NT kernel requests. Softway Systems, Inc. is building OpenNT(TM), a complete subsystem environment that will be brandable as an X/Open XPG4 UNIX machine. The presentation will discuss the architecture of the OpenNT environment, how it will map the relevant X/Open and ISO POSIX specifications, and some of the issues encountered so far. It will explore the question of how NT can be considered an "open" system.

Speaker Bio:

Stephen R. Walli is Vice-President of Research and Development for Softway Systems, Inc., and a founder. Prior to this, he was a consulting systems analyst and writer who specialised in portable applications design, portability models, and open systems specifications, working for X/Open, UNISYS, and Sun Microsystems. He has been involved for the past six years with the IEEE and ISO POSIX committees. Stephen represents USENIX at IEEE POSIX meetings, and he has previously represented EurOpen's interests at these meetings. His publications include: Go Solo, How to implement and Go Solo with the Single UNIX Specification, (Prentice Hall, 1995), and he is a regular contributor on standards issues for ;login:. He can be reached at