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Annex A

Information accompanying submissions

The process of deciding which characters should be included in the repertoire of ISO/IEC 10646 by SC 2/WG 2 depends on the availability of accurate and most comprehensive information about any proposed additions. SC 2/WG 2, at its San Francisco meeting 26, designed a form (template) that will assist the submitters in gathering and providing the relevant information, and will assist SC 2/WG 2 in making more informed decisions. This form is included in the following pages of this annex.

Each new submission must be accompanied by a duly completed proposal summary form to assist SC 2/WG 2 to better evaluate the requirements and towards a speedier acceptance of the submission. Submitters are also requested to ensure that a proposed character does not already exist in ISO/IEC 10646.

If a submission has already been made prior to the existence of the proposal summary form, the submitter(s) is requested to re-evaluate the submission for completeness using the form as a template, and either provide reference(s) to existing information or provide additional information.

Submitter's Responsibilities

The national body or liaison organization (or any other organization or an individual) proposing new character(s) or a new script shall provide:

1. Proposed category for the script or character(s), character name(s), and description of usage.

2. Justification for the category and name(s).

3. A representative glyph(s) image on paper:
if this glyph image is similar to a glyph image of a previously encoded ISO/IEC 10646 character, then additional justification for encoding the new character shall be provided.

4. Mappings to accepted sources, for example, other standards, dictionaries, accessible published materials

5. Computerized font:
prior to the preparation of the final text a suitable computerized font shall be provided to the project editor. Ordered preference: True Type, PostScript or 96x96 bit-mapped format. The minimum design resolution for the font is 96 by 96 dots matrix, for presentation at or near 22 points in print size.

6. List of all the parties consulted.

7. Equivalent glyph images:
if the submission intends using composite sequences of proposed or existing combining and non-combining characters, a list consisting of each composite sequence and its corresponding glyph image shall be provided to better understand the intended use.

8. Encoding issues:
if the proposal addresses other aspects of character data processing such as input, presentation, sorting, etc. shall these be listed

Proposal summary form

Form Proposal Summary Form

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