Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set

(U C S)
							ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N1299
														Date: 1996-10-26

	Title:	Partial Document Register  (N1200 - N 1465)
	Source:	Mike Ksar, Convener
	Action:	For your records
	Distribution:	ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 members

Standing documents are ones that have an asterisk next to the number and/or are in bold, underlined when the document is formatted.

Document NumberTitleSourceDate
N1200Partial WG2 Document Register (1100 - 1227)Mike Ksar, Convener1995-05-03
N1201Updated WG2 Distribution List, post WG2 meeting 27 in GenevaMike Ksar, Convener1995-05-05
N1202Updated Proposal Summary Form & ProceduresSven Thygesen, Denmark1995-06-26
N1203Unconfirmed minutes of SC2/WG2 Meeting 27, GenevaV.S. UMAmaheswaran and Mike Ksar1995-05-03
N1204Resolutions of SC2/WG2 Meeting 27, GenevaSC2/WG21995-04-07
N1205Venue and second call for WG2 Meeting 28 in Helsinki, FinlandMike Ksar, Convener1995-05-03
N1206Proposed text for Annex Q - Additional information on charactersBruce Paterson, WG2 Project co-editor1995-04-26
N1207Editorial Corrigenda - Cumulative List - Issue 2 (update of N1131 R)Bruce Paterson, WG2 Project co-editor1995-04-26
N1208List of Greek (Byzantine) musical notation system for inclusion in 10646ELOT, The Hellenic Standards Body1995-03-30
N1209Proposed text of pDAM 5 to 10646, Hangul Character CollectionBruce Paterson, WG2 Project co-editorApril 1995
N1210Proposal Concerning Inclusion of the Runic CharactersThe Swedish Member Body SIS1995-04-28
N1211Agenda and Call 3 for Meeting 28 in HelsinkiMike Ksar, Convener1995-05-15
N1212WG2 Report to SC2 Plenary in HelsinkiMike Ksar, Convener1995-05-20
N1213Response to N1144 on Arabic ScriptAlaa Ghoneim, IBM, Egypt1995-04-07
N1214Unsatisfied Defect Reports from UKHugh Ross and Bruce Paterson, personal contribution1995-05-27
N1215ITU/SG 8 latest resultsGeorge-Basil Tzortzinis, ITU-T/SG 8 Liaison Officer1995-05-29
N1216Repertoire additions for 10646 - Cumulative listBruce Paterson1995-06-01
N1217Further Clarifications regarding WG2 N1195The Standards Institute of Israel1995-05-21
N1218Comments on Character Addition Proposal Summary Form (N1116)Japan - TKS1995-05-03
N1219Comment on translation of character name of ISO/IEC 10646-1Japan - TKS1995-05-03
N1220Proposal: SC2/WG2 issue list (for process productivity improvement)Takayuki K. Sato - HP, Japan1995-05-03
N1221Status Report - SC22/WG20 (Internationalization)Takayuki K. Sato - SC22/WG20, Japan1995-06-02
N1222Names and ordering of the Runic characters - comments on N1210Michael Everson1995-05-20
N122310646-1 Corrigendum No. 1 (First Draft)Bruce Paterson, project editor1995-06-15
N1224Working Draft of "An Operational Model for Characters and Glyphs"USA (ANSI)1995-06-12
N1225Proposal for Uyghur, Kazakh and Kirghiz in Arabic ScriptChina1995-06-26
N1226Mongolian character set proposalMongolian National Institute for Standardization and Metrology (MNISM), Mongolia, Ochirbatvn CHILKHAASUREN1995-06-12
N1227Tibetan in 10646Lloyd Anderson, individual contribution1995-06-21
N1228Defect Report IndexArnold Winkler1995-06-26
N1229Response to Michael Everson comments (N1230) on RunicSweden National Body1995-06-16
N1230Feedback on RunicMichael Everson1995-06-21
N1231Uniqueness of namesCanadian National Body1995-06-22
N1232Usage of Dong SymbolVietnam1995-06-20
N1233Unified Ideographs - Internal/HorizontalIRG1995-06-19
N1234IRG Vertical ExtensionsIRG1995-06-19
N1235Proposed correction to attachment of N1138La Bonté1995-06-26
N1236Status of Ideograph Vertical ExtensionZhang Zhoucai1995-06-26
N1237IRG related itemsZhang Zhoucai1995-06-26
N1238Proposal for encoding Tibetan script on BMPChina1995-06-24
N1239Icelandic position on RunicSTRi, Olafsson1995-06-23
N1240Update N1196 - Liaison statement from ITU-TStefan Fuchs1995-06
N1241SC2/WG2 Summary of work itemsSven Thygesen1995-06-27
N1242Background information on Tibetan pDAMUnicode1995-06-27
N1243Proposal for encoding TibetanChina/Unicode1995-06-26
N1244Invitation to WG2 Meeting 29 in TokyoJapan1995-06-26
N1245Call for WG2 Meeting 29 in TokyoKsar, Convenor1995-08-28
N1246Comments on Chinese proposal for the Ughur, Kasakh, and Kirghiz languages - document N1225Khaled Sherif, Egypt1995-08-28
N1247Proposal to add two characters in ARABIC blockIran - ISIRI1995-05-28
N1248Proposal to add Mongolian by the Mongolian National Institute for Standardization and MetrologyMNISM - Mongolia1995-08-28
N1249Table of replies and comments on pDAM5 (Hangul)SC2 N 26231995-09-08
N1250Partial incremental document register (N1150 - 1259)Mike Ksar1995-09-11
N1251Updated WG2 Mailing List - post meeting 28 in HelsinkiMike Ksar1995-09-08
N1252Updated N1202 - Proposal Summary Form & ProceduresSven Thygesen1995-06-27
N1253Draft minutes of meeting 28 in HelsinkiUma, Ksar1995-08-31
N1254Approved resolutions of meeting 28 in HelsinkiWG21995-06-26
N1255pDAM6 - Tibetan Character CollectionSC2 N 26271995-09-06
N1256pDAM7 - 33 Additional Characters (Hebrew, Long S, Dong)SC2 N 26281995-09-06
N1257pDAM8 - New informative annex on CJK IdeographsSC2 N 26261995-09-06
N1258Repertoire additions for 10646-1 - Cumulative List No. 2Bruce Paterson, editor1995-09-05
N1259Translation of character names - proposal for a WG2 policyBruce Paterson, personal contribution1995-09-11
N1260Concerns on change of character names of 10646Japan - TKS1995-09-11
N1261Conclusion List for IRG # 5Zhang Zhoucai, IRG Rapporteur1995-08-22
N1262Consensus Name & Ordering for the Futhark (Runic)Michael Everson, expert contribution1995-09-19
N1263On the Complexity of Tibetan Character NamesMichael Everson, expert contribution1995-09-18
N1264Letter from SC2 to JTC1 & ITTF on WG2 pending requestsJan van den Beld1995-09-13
N1265Proposed Disposition of comments on pDAM 5 (Hangul)Bruce Paterson1995-09-26
N1266Unique identifiers for characters in 10646Liaison report SC22 to SC21995-09-22
N1267Liaison statement from SC2/WG2 to SC18/WG9Alain LaBonté, liaison, SC2 to SC18/WG91995-09-11
N1268Strategy for Coding Mongolian Script in UCSHugh Ross, UK, expert contribution1995-10-11
N1269A Simple Solution to the Translation-of-Names ProblemHugh Ross, UK, expert contribution1995-10-11
N1270Proposal for Inclusion of Ethiopian-Eritrean SyllabaryHugh Ross, UK, expert contribution1995-10-12
N1271Editorial Comments on ISO/IEC 10646-1, DAM-1 and DAM-2Ed Hart, US, personal contribution1995-10-20
N1272NP on UCS Character IdentifiersCanadian national body1995-10-26
N1273Feedback on Mongolian ScriptUnicode Consortium, Joe Becker1995-11-06
N1274Feedback on Uighur/Kazakh/KirghizUnicode Consortium, Joe Becker1995-11-06
N1275Proposed Disposition of Iranian Proposal (N1247) on Arabic ScriptUnicode Consortium, Joe Becker1995-11-06
N1276Unicode Consortium Liaison ReportUnicode Consortium1995-11-06
N1277Comments on SC22 N1968, "Unique Identifiers for Character Names"Ed Hart1995-11-02
N1278WG2 Issues ListTakayuki K. Sato1995-10-30
N1279Braille letters (Repertoire addition request)Japanese national body1995-10-27
N1280Additional Report on IRG ActivitiesIRG Rapporteur, Zhang Zhoucai1995-11-04
N1281GBK is being finalizedChina1995-11-07
N1282Two Pinyin Letters with Tone Marks missingChina1995-11-07
N1283Invitation to host WG2 Meeting 30 in CopenhagenDenmark1995-11-08
N1284Ideographic Structure Symbols (Repertoire Addition Request)China1995-11-07
N1285Hangul Syllable Character Name Generation AlgorithmUnicode Consortium1995-11-08
N1286Ad hoc report on Mongolian Script in TokyoChina, Mongolia, Unicode and U.K.1995-11-08
N1287Naming of characters - draft editorial corrigendaBruce Paterson1996-01-03
N1288ISO/IEC 10646-1 Editorial Corrigenda - 2nd Cumulative List - Issue 1Bruce Paterson1996-01-03
N1289Draft pDAM on Unique Identifiers for CharactersBruce Paterson1996-01-04
N1290First call and venue of WG2 meeting # 30Mike Ksar1996-01-09
N1291Call for WG2 meeting 31, Quebec, August 1996Mike Ksar1996-01-10
N1292Proposal for a Tibetan Extended Character Collection to supplement pDAM6UK National Body1995-12-10
N1293Report on Letter Ballot of PDAM5 to ISO/IEC 10646-1 (Hangul):Final Disposition of Comments from National BodiesBruce Paterson1996-01-05
N1294Position of the German n.b. on SC2 resolution M 5.12 on naming of characters (SC2 document N 2647)Germany1996-01-15
N1295Table of replies and national body feedback on pDAM6 - Tibetan Character Collection (SC2 N2655)SC2 Secretariat1995-12-21
N1296Table of replies and national body feedback on pDAM7 - Additional characters (SC2 N2656)SC2 Secretariat1995-12-21
N1297Table of replies and national body feedback on pDAM8 - New informative annex on CJK Ideographs (SC2 N2657)SC2 Secretariat1995-12-21
N1298Notification of ECMA/SNV as SC2 Secretariat, Registration Authority for ISO 2375, and convener of WG3SC2 Secretariat1995-12-21
N1299Partial Document Register (N1200-N 1325)Mike Ksar1995-11-09
N1300Cumulative Document Register (N1 - N 1325)Mike Ksar1995-11-09
N1301Updated WG2 Distribution ListMike Ksar1995-11-09
N1302Update of N1241 - Summary of WG2 work itemsSven Thygesen, Denmark1995-11-10
N1303Minutes of Meeting 29, TokyoKsar & Uma1996-01-26
N1304Resolutions of Meeting 29, TokyoWG21995-11-10
N1305Table of replies to JTC1 letter ballot 10646 DAM1, UTF-16 (SC2 N 2664)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-15
N1306Table of replies to JTC1 letter ballot on 10646 DAM 2, UTF-8 (SC2 N 2665)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-15
N1307Table of replies to JTC1 letter ballot on 10646 DAM 3, Coding of C1 Controls, (SC2 N 2666)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-15
N1308Table of replies to JTC1 letter ballot on 10646 DAM 4, Removal of Annex G: UTF-1 (SC2 N 2667)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-15
N1309Report and Disposition of Comments on DAM 1, UTF 16 and DAM 2, UTF-8, DAM 3, Coding of C1 Controls, and DAM 4, Removal of Annex G: UTF1Bruce Paterson1996-01-17
N1310Draft Final Text of 10646 AMD-1, UTF-16Bruce Paterson1996-01-17
N1311Draft Final Text of 10646 AMD-2, UTF-8Bruce Paterson1996-01-17
N1312Draft Final Text of 10646 AMD-3, Coding of C1 ControlsBruce Paterson1996-01-17
N1313Draft Final Text of 10646 AMD-4, Removal of Annex G:UTF-1 Bruce Paterson1996-01-17
N1314Updated Table of replies and national body feedback on pDAM6 - Tibetan Character Collection (SC2 N2655)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-09
N1315Updated Table of replies and national body feedback on pDAM7 - Additional characters (SC2 N2656)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-09
N1316Updated Table of replies and national body feedback on pDAM8 - New informative annex on CJK Ideographs (SC2 N2657)SC2 Secretariat1996-01-09
N1317SC2 Secretariat Report to JTC1 Plenary - March 1996Jan van den Beld1996-01
N1318US Comments on pDAM-8 - Informative Annex on CJKUSA (ANSI)1995-12-13
N1319Comments on addition of two Farsi characters to Table 15 Row 6Khaled Sherif, Egypt1996-01-24
N1320Simple Use of Indic and SouthEast Asian Scripts in Extended Level 2Hugh McG. Ross, U.K.1995-12-20
N1321Harmonization of Indic and SouthEast Asian ScriptsHugh McG. Ross, U.K.1996-01-25
N1322Proposal for addition of Latin characters for LivonianEverson, Ruppel & Metra1995-11-01
N1323Proposal and Summary for addition of Cyrillic charactersKardalev, Jerman-Blazic & Everson1996-01-16
N1324Proposal and Summary for addition of Cyrillic characters and blockKardalev, Jerman-Blazic & Everson1996-01-16
N1325Proposal and Summary for addition of Latin charactersKardalev, Jerman-Blazic & Everson1996-01-16
N1326Conclusive Proposal for Encoding Ethiopic SyllabaryUSA & Unicode - Joe Becker1995-12-09
N1327Call and agenda for meeting 30 Mike Ksar 1996-04-10
N1334IS 10646 AMD 1 - UTF-16 - final text Bruce Patterson 1996-03-20
N1335IS 10646 AMD 2 - UTF-8 - final text Bruce Patterson 1996-03-20
N1336IS 10646 AMD 3 - C1 change - final text Bruce Patterson 1996-03-20
N1337IS 10646 AMD 4 - deletion of UTF-1 - final text Bruce Patterson 1996-03-20
N1350Partial document register Mike Ksar 1996-07-11
N1352 Sven Thygesen et al. 1996-04-26
N1353Unconfirmed minutes of meeting 30 V. S. Umamaheswaran 1996-06-25
N1354Resolutions of WG2 Meeting 30 Mike Ksar 1996-04-26
N1387Call and agenda for meeting 31, Canada Mike Ksar 1996-05-24
N1396IS 10646 COR2 (incl consolidated 10646 text) Bruce Patterson 1996-06-05
N1402Principles and procedures for maintaining 10646 Sven Thygesen et al 1996-08-19
N1411Character/Glyph model Ed Hart and Al Griffith 1996
N1417Runic, 2nd ed. Olle Jaernefors et al. 1996-06-23
N145210646 work items Sven Thygesen et al. 1996-10-03
N1452x10646 work items - spreadsheet Sven Thygesen 1996-10-03
N1464Guidance to position allocation in 10646 Mike Ksar and Sven Thygesen 1996-10-03
N1465Call for meeting number 32 in Singapore Mike Ksar 1996-10-25
N1465Call for meeting number 32 in Singapore Mike Ksar 1996-11-28

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