ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N 1683

DATE: 1998-01-30


Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) - ISO/IEC 10646

Secretariat: ANSI

DOC TYPE: Calling Notice and Meeting Agenda

TITLE: 2nd Call WG2 Meeting # 34, in Redmond, WA, U.S.A. at the Microsoft Campus from 16 - 20 March 1998.

SOURCE: Mike Ksar, Convener

PROJECT: JTC 1.02.18 – ISO/IEC 10646

STATUS: SC2/WG2 participants are requested to review the attached draft agenda and to send any comments or proposals for addition to the Convener as soon as possible but no later than 1998-03-01.


DUE DATE: 1998-02-25 for Hotel Reservations and 1998-03-01 for adding agenda items

DISTRIBUTION: SC2/WG2 members and Liaison organizations


NO. OF PAGES: 4 – preliminary agenda and logistic information

This is the second call for WG2 meeting # 34, which precedes the next WG3 and SC2 Plenary meetings. The U.S. is hosting the meeting at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. I am attaching the venue and logistic information one more time for those who need it even though it has been posted on the SC2/WG2 web site in document N 1656. Mr. Michel Suignard of Microsoft is the contact point for logistics. WG2 will be meeting starting at 9:00 am Monday, 16 March 1998 and conclude on Friday , 20 March 1998, at noon. The call for SC2/WG3 and SC2 plenary meetings will be issued separately.

This second call for WG2 meeting # 34, which includes a preliminary agenda, is being broadcast by email and posted to the SC2/WG2 website at URL: Two of the documents in the last mailing were in error. N1633 was published with N1632 contents and N 1663 was not the most recent publication. I will post corrected versions of N1633R and N1663R, on the website and bring a hard copy to the meeting. I will try and send out next month a 3rd mailing, which will include the corrected documents and copies of documents I received recently.

The objective of this meeting is to continue the WG2 program of work, on repertoire content and allocation of code space.

Mike Ksar

Convener – ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2

Hewlett-Packard Company

1501 Page Mill Rd., M/S 5 U – L

Palo Alto, CA 94304

U. S. A.

Phone: +1 415 857 8817

Fax (PC): +1 415 852 8500

Alt. Fax: +1 415 857 4882


Preliminary Agenda – Meeting # 34


Document #

  1. Opening and roll call

N1601: Mailing List

  • Approval of the agenda
  • N1683: Proposed Agenda

  • Approval of minutes of meeting 33
  • N1603: Meeting 33 Minutes

  • Review action items from previous meeting
  • N1603: Meeting 33 Action Items

  • JTC1 and ITTF matters:
    1. CAW recommendations
    2. Recent publications announcements
    3. Ballot results
    4. Next Edition of 10646



    Amendment 6, 7, 8 and 9

  • SC2 matters:
    1. Recent submittals to ITTF
    2. Ballot results



  • Non-repertoire issues:
    1. Editorial corrigenda - standing document
    2. Draft Technical Corrigendum # 2
    3. 10646 Editorships
    4. Language Tagging
    5. Updated Annex E


    N 1635/1664 - Paterson

    N 1670 – Unicode

    N 1675 - Simonsen

  • Repertoire issues:
    1. Repertoire Additions – Cum. List # 6
    2. Mongolian update– feedback on N 1515
    3. Proposal to encode two symbols
    4. Incorporation of Bangla Coded Character Set
    5. Disposition of Comments – DAM 5 – Hangul
    6. Encoding of two ecological symbols
    7. Proposal to encode Tibetan extensions
    8. Proposals to encode Glagolitic, Coptic, Buginese
    9. Proposal to encode new character
    10. Proposals to encode in plane 1: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Meroitic, Old Persian Cuneiform, Ugartic Cuneiform, Tengwar, Cirth, and Klingon


    N 1667 - Paterson

    N 1691

    N 1668 – Unicode/L2
    N 1634 – Bangladesh

    N 1671 – Paterson

    N 1661 – Everson

    N 1660 – Everson

    N 1657 – N 1659 – Everson

    N 1655 – Canada/Ireland

    N 1636 – N 1643 - Everson

  • IRG status and reports
    1. IRG Resolutions – Meeting # 10
    2. Project sub division – Ideographs in plane 2
    3. Variation Mark
    4. Proposed disposition of comments on pDAM13
    5. Proposed sub division proposal on scheme of Ideograph Description Sequence


    N 1676

    N 1677

    N 1678

    N 1679

    N 1680

  • Defect reports status:

  • Liaison reports
    1. Unicode Consortium
    2. ITU
    3. IETF
    4. TC304
    5. AFII

  • Other business:
    1. Web Site Review


    N 1502, N 1509

  • Closing - Approval of Resolutions
  • N: Resolutions of WG2 Meeting 34

  • Adjournment
  • Friday by noon!








    Venue and logistics information

    Following are the arrangements for the SC2 and WG2/WG3 meetings.

    Our host at Microsoft, Michel Suignard, made hotel arrangements at the Marriott Courtyard in Bellevue, the rate is a very reasonable $87 (+tax) per day. There will also be transportation from the hotel to the meeting venue. There is a special web page (in attachment) that you can be used for hotel registration.

    The meeting location will be:

    Microsoft Corporation

    One Microsoft Way

    REDMOND, WA 98052-6399


    Meeting location within the corporate campus:

    Pebble Beach Cafe meeting room building #31

    Host Contact:

    Mr. Michel Suignard, Microsoft Corporation

    Tel: +1 425 936 0063 (note the prefix change from 206 to 425)

    Fax: +1 425 936 7329


    Direction to campus (from the airport):

    Follow signs to Freeways; this will put you on East 518,

    Follow sign to Interstate 5 and Interstate 405

    Take North Interstate 405 (Bellevue-Renton)

    Continue on North Interstate 405 through Renton and Bellevue, approx. 14miles,

    Take East Highway 520 (Redmond)

    Take 148AvNE North Exit,

    Continue on 148th Ave NE North for approx. 1/2 mile,

    Turn right on 40th Street,

    After crossing 156th Ave, turn right on the 2nd entrance to the Microsoft campus,

    The Building 31 will be the 2nd building on your left.

    The hotel web site has also a map locator that you can use to get driving instructions, the hotel is only a couple of miles from the meeting location.

    Hotel arrangement:

    Please look at the following attachment (HTML format). It is better for the reservation management that the attendees use our reservation channel (through Microsoft) instead of contacting directly the hotel. If they still do, it is really important that they mention that they are attending the ISO SC2 meetings. (If you can't open the HTML attachment let me know.)

    Social event:

    We are planning a social event, probably the Saturday March 21st; I have also included the registration for this in the hotel form.

    Meeting schedules:

    WG2 will meet starting at 9:00 on Monday, 16 March 1998 and conclude on Friday, 20 March 1998 at noon or sooner if possible. WG3 and SC2 plenary meeting times and schedules will be posted separately. The meeting room is reserved for the whole week of March 16th (Monday to Saturday) and the 3 first days of the next week (23, 24, and 25)






























    Hotel and Social Event Reservations Form

    March, 15-25, 1998 · Bellevue Courtyard by Marriott · Bellevue, WA

     FIRST NAME:____________________ LAST NAME:_________________________

    E-MAIL ADDRESS:____________________________

    TITLE : ______________________________________

    COMPANY :___________________________________

    ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________

    CITY: ____________STATE: ZIP: ________COUNTRY: ____________________

    PHONE : _______________________FAX: __________________________

    Hotel Address and phone:

    To get the special rate, it is advised to not call directly the hotel for reservation, but instead to use the special number and email mentioned above. In case you still do, please make sure to mention that you are part of the ISO SC2 meeting.

    Bellevue Courtyard by Marriott
    14615 NE 29th Pl.,Bellevue, WA - USA
    Phone: (425)869-5300 Fax: (425)883-9122

     Check in date: ______________________Check out date: ______________________

    I prefer a: [] Smoking [] Non Smoking Room

    I prefer a: [] Single Occupancy [] Double Occupancy

    Rate: $87 for single occupancy, $97 for double occupancy, tax extra

    Transportation to the Hotel:

    The hotel can be joined by shuttle service at the airport or taxi (around $30-40). The usual car rental agencies are also available at the airport. If you drive, you can find the hotel direction by consulting the Hotel Web site at:
    Otherwise, follow these instructions from the airport:

    Follow signs to Freeways, this will put you on East 518, Follow sign to Interstate 5 and Interstate 405
    Take North Interstate 405 (Bellevue-Renton)
    Continue on North Interstate 405 through Renton and Bellevue, approx. 14miles,
    Take East Highway 520 (Redmond)
    Take 148AvNE North Exit,
    After crossing over 520 turn left on 29th Street, The hotel will be on your right after about 300 feet.



    To avoid cancellation charges, these should be made before February 25th. Otherwise, a cancellation fee may be charged by the hotel.

    Social event (target date Saturday March 21st on the evening):

    Indicate whether you plan to attend:

    [] Yes Number of persons (1 or 2): ____ [] No

    Special Requests:

    If you require special assistance, auxiliary aids or other reasonable accommodations, please let us know when you register.

     Credit Card Information: Type______ Number__________________Expiration date___________

    (Please provide a credit card number to guarantee your room)