Title: SC2/WG2 Status of Proposals for the UCS

Source: Michael Everson, EGT (IE)
Status: Expert contribution
Date: 1999-02-23
Action: For information
Replaces: N1509 S

In the online version of this document, a proposal is coloured white when it is being worked on (or when it is dormant), yellow when it is under ballot (or has been accepted for encoding), and grey when it is closed (by publication of an amendment, rejection, or other action).

This standing document has not been updated since 1997-01-24. In the intervening two years, a great deal of progress (and some 450 documents) has been made. Consolidation of various individual proposals into single PDAMs is hard to track; accordingly, the treatment of symbol and individual character additions has been less rigorously charted here, at least in the "related documents" column. I have tried to be comprehensive where entire scripts are concerned. In the case of CJK repertoires and the smaller ideographic component repertoires, however, it has been difficult to track everything. This was also the case in the base document N1509 S, where numerous CJK proposals which were possibly duplicates or descendents of earlier proposals were presented. It would be very helpful if the IRG could help by identifying completed items and documents related to various other IRG items.

In this document I have made no attempt to update the "stages" column, considering this to be a matter for explicit WG2 decisions (and because I am not sure what all the numbers mean).

The "number of users" column presents what data there is in the proposals. It is hard to put a population figure when the user community is "scholars and churchmen". (I don't consider this column to be particularly important, as quality is as good as quantity in the UCS.)

I am particularly uncertain what to do with the proposals prior to N1000. Have these, or some of these, been closed by WG2, pending new proposals with the Proposal Summary form?

Administrative InformationTechnical InformationWG2
Doc NNameSub- mitter (ISO 3166)Com- pleteTypeDateDefectType: Script / Indiv. chars.N of chars.Cate- goryNames, glyphs, font, level etc.?N of usersCom- mon or RareIn use todayBMPCon- tig- uousRelated docs.Status / StageConclusions
   Y/NNB I SC WG L DRS/C A B C D E F GY/NN in 1000sC/RY/NY/NY/N 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. R SThese are unconfirmed conclusions; for accuracy see the approved minutes!
1962Georgian script extensionsIEYI1999-02-14 S & C51AY>>RYYYN19621 
1959Indus scriptIEYI1999-01-29 S386FYFewRNNYN19591 
1958Varang Kshiti scriptIEYI1999-01-29 S50AY1026CYYYN19581 
1957Sorang Sompeng scriptIEYI1999-01-29 S34AY273CYYYN19571 
1956Ol Cemet' scriptIEYI1999-01-29 S43AY5800CYYYN19561 
1948Osmanya scriptIEYI1999-01-25 S27B.1YFewRNNYN19481 
1941Triangular Overlay char.UTCYL1998-12-07 C1AY>>CAYYN19411 
1887Three real estate charactersUSYI1998-09-24 C3AY>>CYYYN18871 
1886Soft spaceUSYI1998-09-24 C1AY>>RYYYN18861 
1866BlissymbolsIENI1998-07-19 S886AY10RYNYISO IR-169, N18661 
1859Latin chars. Ng and ngJP PHYNB1998-09-21 C<0TD>2AY>>CYYYN18591 
1858Philippine Peso signJP PHYNB1998-09-21 C<0TD>1AY>>CYYYN18581 
1857Mongolian Tugrik signJP MNYNB1998-09-21 C<0TD>1AY>>CYYYN18571 
1855Soyombo scriptJP MNYNB1998-09-21 C<0TD>2AY>>CYYYN18551 
1846Ethiopic ExtensionsETYNB1998-09-11 C95AY>>CYYYN18461 
1845Latin & combining chars. for IPA "disturbed speech"IEYI1998-09-08 C27AY>>RYTYN18451M35: 17 characters were accepted. Ballotting as AMD 30.
1838Binary completion Latin chars.USYI1998-09-02 C4AY>>RYYYN18381 
1817Modifier letter for NenetsFI IE NOYI1997-08-10 C1AY40CYYYN18171M35: accepted. Ballotting as AMD 30.
1813Cyrillic characters for Kildin SmiNOYNB1998-06-09 C10AY5CYYYN18131 
1812Modifier letter Cross AccentSEYI1998-05-21 C1AYFewRYYYN18121 
1755Philippine scripts (Tagbanwa, Hanuno, Buhid, Tagalog)IEYI1998-05-25 S86AY>>CYYYUTR#3, N1755, N19331 
1757Tifinagh scriptIENI1998-05-04 S45+AY>>CYYYUTR#3, N17571 
1749Additional cantillation marksIEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17491 
1748Additional signature mark chars.IEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17481 
1747Additional contraction marksIEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17471 
1746Additional combining chars.IEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17461 
1745Additional mathematical chars.IEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17451 
1744Additional Cyrillic chars.IEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17441 
1743Additional Greek chars.IEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17431 
1742Additional Latin IPA marksIEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17421 
1741Additional Latin chars.IEYI1998-05-25 CXXXAYFewRYYYN17411 
1740Hebrew Tetragrammaton characterIE USYI1998-05-09 C1AYFewCYYYN1740, N18071Feedback from IL dubious but suggests encoding as ligature in FB block.
1720Laotian Kip currency signUS UTCYNB L1998-02-27 C1AY>>CYYYN17201 
1719Syriac cross signsUS UTCYNB L1998-03-06 C2AY>>CYYYN17191 
1716Additional Math symbolsUSYI1998-03-13 CXXXAY>>CYYYN17161 
1713RAdditional Bopomofo chars.TWYNB L1998-03-19 C33AY>>CYYYN1713R1 
1693NameUSYI1998-02-19 SXXXAY>>CYYYN16931 
1689South Arabian scriptIEYI1998-01-10 S29DYFewRNNYUTR#3, N16891 
1688Proto-Sinaitic scriptIEYI1998-01-18 S19DYFewRNNYN11 
1687Old Permic scriptIEYI1998-01-18 S38DYFewRYNYN1687, N19471 
1686Old Hungarian scriptIEYI1998-01-18 S45B.1Y>>CYYYN1686, N17581 
1685Brahmi scriptIEYI1998-01-18 S58CYFewRNNYN16851 
1684Avestan scriptIEYI1998-01-18 S61B.1YSomeRYYYUTR#3, N16841 
1670Plane 14 chars. for language tagsUTCYI1997-12-12 SXXXAY>>CNNYN16701 
1668RTwo enclosing symbols (keycap & screen)US UTCYI1997-08-05 C2AY>>CYYYN1668r1 
1661Two ecological symbol chars.IEYI1997-12-08 S2AY>>CYYYN16611 
1660Tibetan ExtensionsCN GB IEYNB1997-12-08 C54AY>>CYYYN1660, N17561Ballotting as AMD 31.
1659Glagolitic scriptIEYI1997-12 S92B.1Y>RYYYN1659, N19311 
1658Coptic scriptIEYI1997-12-08 C57CY>>RYYYN16581 
1657BugineseIEYI1997-12 S31B.1Y2300CYYYN1657, N19301 
1655Canadian Syllabics extensionsIEYI1997-12 C8AY40CYYYN16551 Ballotting as AMD 23.
1643Klingon pIqaDIEYI1997-09-18 S37B.1Y10RYNYN16431 
1642Cirth scriptIEYI1997-09-18 S103B.1Y>>RYNYN16421 
1641Tengwar scriptIEYI1997-09-18 S103B.1Y>>RYNYN16411 
1640Ugaritic Cuneiform scriptIEYI1997-09-18 S31DYFewRNNYUTR#3, N16401 
1639Old Persian Cuneiform scriptIEYI1997-09-18 S47DYFewRNNYUTR#3, N16391 
1638Meroitic scriptIEYI1997-09-18 S24DYFewRNNYUTR#3, N16381 
1634Registration of Bengali coded char. setBCYNB1997-06-29 CXXXAY>>CYYYN1634, N1714r1 
1619Two Latin chars. for Finnish RomaniFIYNB1997-07-01 C2AY20CYYYN16191 
1593Latin chars. for Taiwanese languagesIE TWYI1997- S10+AY>>CYYYN1593, N1712R1M34: The proposal was rejected.
1581GothicIEYI1997- S0000DYFewRNNYN15811Gothic has been accepted for plane 1.
1580EtruscanIEYI1997- S0000DYFewRNNYN15801Etruscan has been accepted for plane 1.
1579PhoenicianIEYI1997- S0000CATY0000RNNYN1579, N19321 
1566Euro signCA FI IE IS SL US UTCYNB L1997-06-28 C1AY>>CYYYN15661 Ballotting as AMD 18.
1498Deseret scriptUSYNB1996-12-24 S76DYFewRNNYN1498, N1891R1M33: stage 1 until part 2 is operational. Becomes a part of CD for part 2.
1493Ideographic Component Supplement YWG1996-07-31 C155AY>>CYYYN1433, N1489, N1490, N14931M31: For further considerations
1492Ideographic Radical Supplement Characters YWG1996-07-31 C31AY>>CYYYN1432, N1490, N14922M31: WG2 asks IRG to assist WG2 by reviewing the comments of WG2. M32: IRG to prepare the draft pDAM text.
1491Ideographic Variation Mark YWG1996-07-31 C1AY>>CYYYN1431, N1489, N1491, N17282M31: IRG to consider the comments of WG2. M32: Accepted, Possible code pos. FFFB, GENERAL VARIATION MARK.
1468Arabic Letter HEHNL   DR 1       N1468 M31: Misspelling letter Heh. Van Wingen invited to prepare a defect report. M32: editorial correction included in N1468.
1461Pinyin letters with tone markCA CNYNB1996-08-15 C2AY>>CYYNN1282, N1282R, N1355, N146131995-11-09: CA asks for the capital letters too = 4 chars in total. DR will be drafted by CN, US, CA (01F6-01F8). 1996-04-23: Not a DR but an addition of 1 (not 4) chars. Resubmit missing char(s). CA & CN. M31: stage 3, code pos. x01F8 and x01F9.
1430Ideographic Structure Characters YWG1996-07-31 C12AY>>CYYYN1348, N1430, N1489, N1493, N14941M31: WG2 asks IRG to assist WG2 by reviewing the comments of WG2. M32: Not accepted. Feedback should be sent to Zhang (IRG) by end of April 1997. N1489, N1491, N1493 and N1494 - to be read together.
1423CJK ideographs, Extension A YWG1996-07-31 C6585AY>>CYYYN1178, N1261, N1348, N1349, N1359, N1379, N1423, N1424, N1425, N1426, N1449, N1455, N1464, N1479, N1486, N1487, N1488, N1723, N1733, N1776, N1829, N1849, N1889, N192921995-04-05: IRG requested to give priorities to the category A repertoires, Singapore data deliv. before 1995-05-01; 1995-11-09: IRG to prepare draft 3 and produce an updated N1252 form. 1996-04-24: Cont. work. Check sep. rules. M31: Fine work, pDAM initiated on Annex S etc. Accept the repertoire. Conv. request NBs/Ls to comment on BMP before 1996-11-15. Default BMP. M32: No split. 332 characters not having solid references in the source. CN to prepare a pDAM. Ballotting as AMD 17.
1421CJK ideographs, Extensions B & C      5000    YN N1421, N1677, N1767, N1868, N1870  
1419APL  SC221994-10-07DRC1       N1087, N1129, N1223R, N14193Change of char. graphics, names and one supplement char.; Convener should respond to SC22/WG3; 1995-11-06: N1087 1) and 2) accepted, 3) the QUAD symbol unified with existing chars with a note in annex P; 1996-08-12: Provisional code pos. 237B; put in symbols bucket. Change of pos. due to overlapping (re: Paterson). New pos x2395
1416Symbols bucket   1996-06-30  51A   Y  N1037, N1045, N1146, N14162 Ballotting as AMD 18.
1406Indic and other scriptsGBYI1996-05-28DRC1AY>>CYY -N1320, N1373, N1406, N1414, N1462, N1470PM31: Issues: is Indic level 3 compromised? UTC and BSI to come up with solution. M32: accepted the resolution to the defect rep. Editorial text to be by prepared by Paterson and Adams
1395Armenian chars. YI1996-06-01 C8AY3CYYNN1022, N1395, N1444, N14461M31: The proposal contains a number of mistakes and misunderstandings. Invited to next meeting. Feedback to the requester. Later: ARMENIAN HYPHEN accepted. Ballotting as AMD 18.
1365Object replacement char.UTCYL1996-03-18 C1-Y---YYN138521996-04-23: accepted, with a provisional code pos. FFFC, added to symbols bucket. Freytag to propose a glyph to the editor. Ballotting as AMD 18.
1364Hebrew char. for YiddishUSYNB1996-04-03 C1AY>>CYY N138531996-04-23: accepted, with a provisional code pos. FB1D, category A, added to the Hebrew bucket. Ballotting as AMD 18.
1361Latin chars. for Romanian (T and S with comma below)ROYNB1996-04-22 C4AY>>CYY-N237, N418, N1440, N150711996-04-23: Feedback from WG2 to be discussed in RO (Annex P solution, compatibility problem). RO will forward the result for review by WG2. M31: More information requested on the migration issue and consequenses of disunification. M32: Wait for Romanian response. Ballotting as AMD 18.
1346Hebrew char namesIL NB1996-04-01           2M30: WG2 accepts the request (new entries in annex P) after Fuchs has clarified last two entries
1325Latin chars. for Serbian and Macedonian poetryIE MK SLYNB1996-01-16 C6AY>>RYY-N237, N418R1996-04-23: The proposal is rejected.
1324New extended Cyrillic block -YNB1996-01-16 C80AY>>CYY-N237, N418, N1407R1996-04-23: The proposal is rejected.
1323Cyrillic characters for Slavic MacedonianIE MK SLYNB1996-01-16 C4AY1.5CYY-N418, N810, N831, N874, N1385, N1407, N1408R3M30: WG2 provisionally accepts the 4 chars., the names and shapes for possible future coding. Requests NB's to comment on code positions. Code pos. as in N1407 first priority. M31: stage 3. Ballotting as AMD 18.
1322Latin characters for LivonianFI IE LVYNB1995-11-1 C10AY1CYY-N811, N874, N188811996-04-23: Return the proposal for verification of the support. Next WG2 will evaluate and decide based on the total number of requirements for additions. Based on a procedure where WG2 takes up and reviews the content of requirements. M31: Awaiting responses from LV, IE. M35: LV responses provided N1888. Ballotting as AMD 30.
1320Indic              N1321, N1376, N14061M31: N1321 background material. Awaits summary form.
1284Ideographic structure symbolsCNYNB1995-11-08 C13AY>>CYYY 21995-11-09: CN can present N1284 to UTC. The result will be discussed in Copenhagen. Reviewed by NBs
1279Braille patternsJPYNB1995-10-27 S256AN>>CYYYN1093, N1339, N1342, N1345, N1363, N1409, N1589, N1612, N1624, N1646, N1695, N1762, N1770, N1929.21994-04-04: Comments requested. 1995-06-26: Convener to contact TC173; 1995-11-06: Convener to contact TC173/SC4 and include N1279. 1996-04-23: Comments are invited. Awaits TC173. M31: TC173 to be contacted, 2 prop. (256,512) our pref. 256. Before 1. Nov. M32: no response from TC173. US to prepare a pDAM. Published as AMD 16 1998-11-01.
1247Arabic charactersIR NB1995-05-28DR         N1275, N1319, N141471995-11-06: Characters exist in the present version. Additional info can be added to Annex P(editorial corr). Convener informs IR
1214Names of Latin small and capital charactersGB I1996-06-27DRC        N989, N138431995-06-27: The problems are solved by the new Annex P.
1214Greek graphic symbolsGR I1995-05-27DRC        N989, N141471995-06-27: The proposed solution for position 1FFA and 1FFB was accepted, prep. of editorial corrigenda by the editor
1208Byzantine musical symbolsGRYNB1995-03-31 S220B1Y>CYYYN1208 Attach., N137511995-06-26: Request to have proposal reviewed by NBs; 1995-11-08: Accepted the relevance of the proposal. Need NP (for part 2) to allocation of space outside BMP. Statement from the association? UTC & GR; 1996-04-25: GR to provide answers to feedback. M31: Postpone to M32. Accepted for part 2.
1195Hebrew cantillation chars.ILYNB1994-10-01 C31B1Y>CYYYN1079R, N1114, N1217, N1256, N1385, N139861995-04-06: Fuchs to provide answers to the questions raised. 1995-06-26: Accepted, progressed as pDAM (IL and editor); M31: forwarded as AMD-7. Published as AMD 7.
1187Yi RadicalsIEYNB1997-01-05 S39AY6500CYYYN1187, N1481, N1482, N1611, N1774, N1804, N1821, N1831, N1863, N1890, N1925, N19262M32: Prepare pDAM. Code pos. A490-A4BF. Ballotting as AMD 14.
1182CJKV ideographsTWYNB1995-03-23 C214AY>>CYYYN118221995-04-05: IRG is requested to review the TCA contribution to the Helsinki meeting. M32: TW prepare a new document taking into account other concernslike indexing, input, composition etc. Possible code pos. 2F00 - 2FFF
1182CJKV ideographsTWYNB1995-03-23 C3AY>>CYYYN134821995-04-05: IRG is requested to review the TCA contribution to the Helsinki meeting. M32: stage 2. Possible code pos. 3038, 3039 and 303A
1179CJKV ideographs NWG1995-03-03 C25000B2N>> YNYN1179, N1233, N1234, N1236, N1237, N126111995-04-05: IRG is requested to give priorities to the category A repertoires, SG data deliv. before 1995-05-01; 1995-11-09: IRG to prepare draft 3 and produce an updated Prop. Summ. form, and distribute for review of NBs. To be discussed at Copenhagen.
1172CherokeeIEYI1995-03-14 S86BY150CYYYUTR#3, N947, N1172, N1356, N1362, N1385, N1408, N1476, N1632, N1645, N17994IE and UTC will discuss with Cherokees. 1996-04-23: Accept in principle, repertoire 85 (not 86). Accepted as cat. B. Request a final version (85 chars., ordering); 1996-08-12: Trad. ord. US to provide a new list, code assig. as in 1172. pDAM to be initiated. M32: pDAM sent to SC2 secr. 11-96. Published as AMD 12 1998-09-01.
1166Latin letters HWAIR & WYNNIEYNB1995-03-10 C2AY  YY N1166, N1547SRequires a defect report on two other chars. Ballotting as AMD 18.
1163Latin letter YoghIEYNB1995-03-10 C2AY  YYYN1106, N15471 Ballotting as AMD 18.
1158Hangul scriptKR NB1995-03-08 C4516  >> YYYN848, N1158, N1170, N1192, N1198, N1199, N1209, N1249, N1265, N1285, N1331, N1385, N1391, N1623, N1671, N1672, N1805, N180661995-04-05: The pDAM include: Add 4516 chars, encode in BMP in contiguous space 11172 chars (AC00-D7A3), remove existing 6658 chars (3400-4DFF); 1995-11-07: Name and algo. disc. (edit. change). JAMO and new name in P. Prepare pDAM5 text. M31: sent for ADM5. Published as AMD 5.
1147Subscript tenGBYI1995-02-01 C1 Y  YY N987, N1147R1995-04-06: proposal is rejected
1146Electrotechnical symbolsGB I1995-02-01 C10 Y>>CYY N985, N1146, N1405, N1416S1995-04-06: Accepts the symbols; 1995-11-06: Freytag to make a proposal during meeting; 1995-11-08: Freytag will review 985 and provide feedback. 1996-04-23: standing doc. (code pos., glyph, name), start with the 8 chars. approved. Paterson will maintain the list. M31: Solve the remaining issues and prepare for a pDAM and emptying the bucket (N1138, N1146, N1174, N1419), check rules and procedures. See 1416.
1145ArmenianGBCI1995-02-01 C 2 Y  YY N983, N1145S1995-04-06: On hold till WG2 hears from Armenia, van Wingen to contact an expert for consultation; 1995-06-26: Item stopped
1144ArabicGBCI1995-02-01DRC7 Y>>CYY N879, N983, N1144, N1213, N1384, N141431995-04-06: Ghoneim is asked to assist Ross to prepare annotations for diff. chars, Completed; Ross is requested to get confirmation regarding the TEHEH for Urdu; 1995-11-08: N1213 accepted. Editorial corr. to be prepared.
1143Latin chars. for YorubaGBCI1995-02-01 C14 Y15000CYYYN1143, N139011995-04-06: UTC reviews the proposal and sends feedback to Ross. Action at Helsinki. Ross get supportive statements from governments; 1995-11-06: No UTC feedback; M31: NB review. M32: Try again to have an official response from Nigeria
1143Latin chars. for HausaGBCI1995-02-01 C6 Y10000CYYYN983S1995-04-06: UTC reviewes the proposal and sends feedback to Ross. Action at Helsinki. Ross get supportive statements from governments; 1995-11-06: No UTC feedback; item dropped.
1138SymbolsCAYWG1995-01-30 C29 Y>>CYYNN811, N874, N879, N1146, N1174, N1235, N1267, N1385, N1416S1995-04-05: correcting errors in names, alignment of names, annotations, acceptance the repertoire, allocation of characters; 1995-11-06: Establish a pool of chars for inclusion; Add N1235 to the input documents; See1416.
1132Latin chars. for Irish GaelicIEYNB1994-11-16 C3AY1 YY N1058, N1132r, N1256, N1296, N139861995-04-05: Everson to revise the proposal. Delegates are asked for feedback to Everson. 1995-06-26: Accepted the long s with dot above (position: 1E9B) and prepare a pDAM; small and capital simhi unification pending further study; M31 sent for AMD 7. Published in AMD 7.
1128Name of Letter/ligature AEDKYNB1993-07-08DRC6AY>CYYNN910, N911, N912, N923, N1018, N1080, N1030, N1393, N139671995-04-07: dCOR-1, add new Annex for notation, re-order list in Annex E; 1995-11-06 Convener contacts ISO/ITTF for correcting errors and actions; M31: TCorr 1 is published.
1127Chu NomVNYNB1994-10-05 S1772BN CYYYN1091, see S1995-04-04: Transfered to IRG; UTC is interested; # 2500 char has been mentioned; 1995-11-06: IRG review completed, See N1423-1424
1126Cham scriptVNNNB1994-10-13 S80AY236CYYYN1578, N196011995-04-04: VN is requested to work with Paterson, Everson to assist in compiling comments and send to VN.
1103Ogham scriptIEYNB1994-11-16  27DY<<RYYYN1058, N1132, N1385, N1443, N1577, N1610, N1648, N1695, N1764, N1772, N191531994-04-04: Acceptance of repertoire and names. Code positions will be allocated later (1996). Published in AMD 20.
1097Arabic chars. for Uighur, Kazakh, & KirghizCNNNB1994-10          N1012, N1225, N1246, N1274S1994-04-04: CN withdraws N1097; 1995-11-06: UTC proposes to withdraw the proposal. N1225 and N1246 will be discussed at next meeting. 1995-11-08: No action taken in WG2. CN gives feedback to experts and resubmit the proposal.
1096Typesetting symbolsCNN 1994-10 C260       N810, N825, N874S 
1094Non-ideographic JP char.JPNNB1994-12-26 C2363AN>>CY N 11994-04-04: JP is asked to refine the proposal
1092Currency sign DongVNYNB1994-10 C1AN>>CYYNN1232, N1256, N1385, N139861995-04-04: Accepted, request a glyph, assigned the pos. BMP hex 20 AB, DONG SIGN. Prep. of pDAM; M31: sent for AMD-7. Published in AMD 7.
1071TC46US TC46             1995-11-06: US requested to check progress. M30: Convener will check
1045Graphical symbols for control char: ISO 2047JPYNB1994-12-26DRC32Ay>>CY YN1174, N1340, N1385S1995-04-04: Acc. missing symbols. Establ. of a standing doc. of acc. symbols with names, glyphs and code pos. See N1416
1044Half/fullwidth formsJPYNB1994-10-13DRC1AY>>CYYNN977, N139671995-04-04: name unchanged; add an annotation in informative annex
1037ISO 9995-7CA    C29       N810, N877, N874, N1138, N1235, N1258, N1267, N1338, N1340, N1385, N1416SSC18WG9 and SC22WG3 are requested to fill in the proposal summery form; 1995-06-27: Accepted, coding proposed by Freytag. 1996-04-23: fonts supplied, the case closed; M31: UTC to review N1416 (naming etc). See 1416
1022ArmenianFR NB1994-04-19DRC         SFR and NL national bodies are asked to prepare a formal defect report, 1995-06-26: stopped
1006CJK unified ideographs correct shapesJPNNB1994-04-05DR         N10147Corrected shapes are requested
983MalayalamGB I 1994-03-23 C1    Y     
983DevanagariGB I 1994-03-23 C1     Y N810, N874S 
981Indic ConjunctsGB I1994-03-23 C1  Y>>      
977Fullwidth macronJP I1994-01-13          N13967ref: N1044; Annex P
975Korean charsKRNNB DR         P KR is requested to forward corrected shapes
966DaiCN  1994-04-18 S200A 1.025   YN966, N967, N1099, N10131 
937Combining charCN                
936GugyeolKRNI1993-10-29 S512 N>>CYYYN811, N874, N16061 
935BangjeomKRNI1993-10-28 C2 N>>  YYN9351 
847System of UnitsJP             N874S 
811Delete Cyrillic charSE     10       N874S 
8112 dashSE     2       N874S 
810Zero WidthEG             N874S 
810Vedic signsGB     28       N874S 
810Shape of DigitsEG             N874S 
810reservationCN     1000       N874S 
810Ligature CT and SP              N874S 
810ISO 31EG             N874S 
810ISO TR 9573-13                 
810Ideo. radicalsCN   214         N874S 
810HCS-B in O-zoneCN   8000         N874S 
810CharsCN   2         N470, N874  
810Char.NL   4         N874S 
810Bulgarian and RomanianGB   2         N874S 
810Alt. format charsEG                
809ISO DIS 5426              N874STC46/SC4/WG1
809ISO 11822              N874STC46/SC4/WG1
809ISO 10754              N874,STC46/SC4/WG1
Annex NMyanmar (Burmese) script   1993-03-11          N879, N881, N1167, N1320, N1321, N1373, N1376, N1523, N1729, N1780, N1792, N1815, N1826, N1841R, N1836, N1883R2, N1912, N1913 1996-04-23: Everson will produce a starting point for producing a pDAM (Prop. Summ. form, fonts etc). Ballotting as AMD 26.
Annex NUnified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics YNB1993-03-11 S623AY500CYYYN956, N978, N984, N1073, N1082, N1104, N1408, N1441, N1472, N1631, N1644, N17984Ross and Everson are requested to work with CA; Target M30; M31: CA to include comments in a pDAM-text. M32: PDAM sent to SC2 secr. 1996-11. Published as AMD 11 1998-07-15.
Annex NEthiopic script YI1993-03-11 S372AY>>CYYYN290, N412, N807, N810, N874, N1165, N1270, N1326, N1372, N1408, N1485, N1630, N1916.4M31: Proceed with pDAM, N1372 comments not included, UTC to provide the fonts, text and the tables etc. M32: pDAM10 sent to SC2 secr. 12-96 for ballot. Published as AMD 10 1998-10-01
Annex NEgyptian Hieroglyphic script   1993-03-11          N1636, N1637, N19441 
Annex NLatin extensions for Indo-European linguistics   1993-03-11  2000       Annex N, N810, N894 Deleted. Proposers are invited to resubmit full proposal with Prop. Summ. form for characters of interest.
Annex NKhmer script   1993-03-11          N879, N882, N893, N1320, N1321, N1373, N1376, N1524, N1729, N1779, N1825, N1841R, N1835, N1856, N1910, N1911 1996-04-23: Everson will produce a starting point for producing a pDAM (Prop. Summ. form, fonts etc). Ballotting as AMD 25.
Annex NThaana (Maldivian) script   1993-03-11          N1519, N1699, N1778, N1824, N1834, N1841R, N1908, N19091 Ballotting as AMD 24.
Annex NMongolian script, with Todo, Sibe, Manchu supportCN I1993-03-11 S160AY>>CYYYN167, N628, N836, N963, N1098, N1011, N1184, N1226, N1248, N1268, N1273, N1286, N1320, N1321, N1368, N1373, N1383, N1437, N1438, N1475, N1497, N1510, N1607, N1622, N1691, N1711, N1734, N1771, N1808, N1833, N1862, N1865, N1878, N191711995-04-05: Disc. between UTC, IE, MN; CN is encouraged to coordinate with MN, GB, IE and UTC to have a final proposal; 1995-11-07: Doc. N1286 produced after disc.; N1286 acc. by MN. Invites MN and CN, GB, UTC. to refine proposal. M30: Accepts N1368 and N1383; M31: UTC will review the recent documents. Further documents forwarded from CN. Meeting to be hold. M32: Ad hoc group reviewed doc. Open issues to be resolved. No final schedule. Ballotting as AMD 29.
Annex NRunic scriptSEYNB1993-03-11 S81CY  YYYAnnex N, UTR#3, N1210, N1222, N1229, N1230, N1239, N1262, N1330, N1382, N1385, N1408, N1417, N1443, N1647, N1695, N1763, N191421995-06-27: Repertoire accepted in principle the modified repertoire; Assigned cat. C. Requested a revised submission. 1996-04-25: Provisionally accept repertoire, work with interested parties on names, Ann. P. M31: Accepted repertoire, accepted new names, allocation not done; SE justification for punctuation marks. Published as AMD 19.
Annex NSinhala script   1993-03-11          N673, N702, NN808, N810, N879, N880, N1057, N1320, N1321, N1373, N1376, N1473R, N1480, N1613, N1809R, N1841R, N1895, N1896 1996-04-23: Everson will produce at starting point for producing a pDAM (Prop. Summ., fonts etc). (Done as N1473) M32: Review the standard (N1480), invite SL to M33. Ballotting as AMD 21.
Annex NSyriac script   1993-03-11          N1718, N1781, N1827, N1837, N1841R, N1906, N1907 Ballotting as AMD 27.
Annex NTibetan scriptCNYNB1 993-03-11 S160AY>>CYYYAnnex N, N808, N879, N874, N964, N986, N1095, N1159, N1185, N1198, N1227, N1238, N1242, N1255, N1263, N1295, N1314, N1374, N1378, N1385, N1386, N1397, N1418, N1192, N1739.61995-04-06: Discussion between UTC, IE, MN; CN to coordinate with BT, Sikkim, IN, GB, IE, UTC and other Tibetan experts; 1995-06-27: CN and UTC make pDAM text, editor processes the pDAM; 1996-04-25: Editor accom. comments in pDAM vote and prepare a DAM. M31: sent for AMD 6 June. Published as AMD 6.
Annex NYi ScriptCNYNB1993-03-11 S1165AY6500CYYYN965, N1074, N1187, N1415, N1481, N1482, N1608, N1774, N1814, N1821, N1831, N1863, N1890, N1925, N19262CN in cooperation with IE is requested to study the possibilities for reducing the number of chars in BMP; M31: a proposal summary form is requested. M32: Preliminary accepted (stage 2.). CN to prepare pDAM. Code pos. A000 - A48F. Ballotting as AMD 14.

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