ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N 2155 R

DATE:  2000-02-23



Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS)  - ISO/IEC 10646

Secretariat:  ANSI



Calling Notice and Meeting 38 Agenda


2nd Call WG2 Meeting # 38, in Beijing, China, hosted by Chinese national body – 21 to 24 March 2000.


Mike Ksar, Convener


JTC 1.02.18 – ISO/IEC 10646


SC2/WG2 participants are requested to review the attached draft agenda and to send any comments or proposals for addition to the Convener no later than 2000-02-15.


ACT – The hotel has changed – if you have made previous reservations earlier you need to rebook at the new hotel.




SC2/WG2 members and Liaison organizations






This is the second call for WG2 meeting # 38 from 21-24 March 2000 in Beijing, China.  The host organization is the Chinese national body (CESI).  The logistics for hotels and meeting site have changed since the 1st call was issued but the new information has been posted to the SC2/WG2 website as attachments to this 2nd call in document N2155.  Mr. CHEN, Zhuang of CESI is the contact point for logistics.  Please note that a visa is usually required, for most nationals, to enter China.  Here is the message from Mr. Chen on logistics:


[Begin quote]:


Before the last mail, we contacted several hotels.  We were told that the Beijing Friendship

Hotel was a good place to have an international meeting.  But when we investigated its meeting rooms on site, we found the meeting room we reserved was too small (for 40 persons, we think) and other meetings preoccupied the bigger ones.


We then investigated other hotels and reserved a meeting room in the Beijing Continental Grand Hotel, which is located in the Asian Olympic Village, north of Beijing.  The hotel offers discount, so we suggest WG2#38 attendees to book rooms at this hotel.  Here is the address, phone and fax for the hotel:


Beijing Continental Grand Hotel

No.8 Beichengdong St., North Sihuan Rd., Beijing, China, 100101

Phone number: +86-10-64910153, 64933754

Fax number:     +86-10-64910106, 64912651


Room Rate:

Standard Room (Four Stars): USD 65.00 including one person’s breakfast.  (Market price USD 120.00)

Luxurious Suite: USD 238.00 excluding breakfast. (Market price USD 280.00)

Business Suite: USD 255.00 excluding breakfast. (Market price USD 300.00)

Super Luxurious Suite: USD 297.00 excluding breakfast. (Market price USD 350.00)


A form of the personal information is attached, marked as Attachment A. The China State Bureau of Technique Supervision (CSBTS) will distribute official invitations to all WG2#38 attendees if they want; CSBTS wants us (Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute, or CESI) to collect necessary personal information of attendees.  Also, the Beijing Continental Grand Hotel wants us to provide the guests’ information; it will be easy for them to reserve enough rooms.  I have some information from some attendees but I need more information from them.


If you have troubles while reserving rooms, please feel free to contact Mr. CHEN Zhuang.


+86-10-84029173 (Phone)

+86-10-64007681 (Fax)

Best regards,

Chen Zhuang

[End quote]:


WG2 will be meeting starting at 9:00 am Tuesday, 21 March 2000 and conclude on Friday, latest by noon, on 24 March 2000.


This second call for WG2 meeting # 38 includes an updated preliminary agenda.  It will be broadcast by email and posted to the SC2/WG2 website at URL:  The documents that were distributed at the last WG2 meeting were mailed in October 1999 to those who did not attend meeting #37 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The next SC2/WG2 mailing will be sent to the updated WG2 distribution list in January 2000.  There is no plan to send out another mailing prior to the March meeting but relevant documents to the meeting will be placed on the agenda and distributed via the SC2/WG2 web site.


The objective of this meeting is to continue the WG2 program of work, with special focus on 10646-part 2, whose first CD ballot closes on 2000-02-29.


Mike Ksar

Convener – ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2

Hewlett-Packard Company

1501 Page Mill Rd., M/S 5 U – L

Palo Alto, CA 94304

U. S. A.

Phone:            +1 650 857 8817

Fax (PC):        +1 650 852 8500

Alt. Fax:         +1 650 857 4882



Personal Information of WG2#38 Attendees - ATTACHMENT A to N2155


This form is used to help you easily get invitations for visas to China and book hotels, please fill out it correctly. Thank you.


Title (Mr./ Ms.): _____________________

First & Middle Name: __________________

Last/Family Name: _____________________

(Ideographs coded in GB/Big5/JIS/KS can be displayed on Chen Zhuang's computer.)

Nationality: __________________________

Company/Organization: _________________

Postal Address: _______________________

Phone Number: _________________________

Fax Number: ___________________________

Email: ________________________________


If you are accompanied by any person(s), please provide his/her information below:



Are you going to book room(s) in Beijing Continental Grand Hotel?

The answer is (Yes/No): ________________


Which kind of room and how many room(s) would you like to book in Beijing Continental Grand Hotel?

6.          Standard Room: USD 65.00 including one person's breakfast.
Market price USD 120.00)

7.          Luxurious Suite: USD 238.00 excluding breakfast.
(Market price USD 280.00)

8.          Business Suite: USD 255.00 excluding breakfast.
(Market price USD300.00)

9.          Super Luxurious Suite: USD 297.00 excluding breakfast.
(Market price USD 350.00)

The answer is _______ room(s)/suite(s) of No. (1,2,3 or 4): _______

You will stay in Beijing Continental Hotel from ______________ to ______________, March 2000, for a total of  ______ nights.


If you are not sure of the concrete arrival date, just give us the estimated duration in hotel, and provide the concrete information later. __________Nights.  If you decide to cancel the room(s), please remember to inform us no later than March 10 (Friday), 2000.


We are considering inviting you to a visit in Beijing, which one below do you prefer to?

6.          Great Wall

7.          Purple Forbidden City (Imperial Palace)

8.          Summer Place

The answer is No. (1,2 or 3): ________


If you have other preference or comments on visit or logistics, please indicate:



The contact point is Mr. Chen Zhuang who works for Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute.


Phone: +86-10-84029173

Fax: +86-10-64007681

Address: No 1, East Andingmen Street, Beijing, China

Zip Code: 100007


You will receive the confirming information from Mr. Chen Zhuang in 2 days after you send this form to him.  If you don't receive the confirming information in time, please try to contact Mr. Chen Zhuang in any possible way.

Preliminary Agenda – Meeting # 38 – Updated 2000-02-23

      Topic (Document No.)

Proposed Outcome


1.       Opening and roll call (N2151)                                                                 Update WG2Distribution List

2.       Approval of the agenda  (N2155 R)                                                         Approved agenda

3.       Approval of minutes of meeting 37 (N2103)                                             Approved Minutes

4.       Review action items from previous meeting (N2103)                              Updated Action Item List

5.       JTC1 and ITTF matters:                                                                           FYI

5.1.    DPRK NP on Korean Hangul – (N2056, N2103, correspondence)          Review and respond

5.2.    Announcements and publications                                                       FYI

5.3.    Ballot results (Amendments 15, 28, 29, 30, 31)                                   FYI


6.       SC2 matters:                                                                                           FYI

6.1.    SC2 Program of Work                                                                       FYI

6.2.    Submittals to ITTF                                                                            FYI

6.3.    Ballot results                                                                                    FYI

7.       106464-2:

7.1.    Disposition of comments on 10646-2                                                  Develop and confirm

7.2.    Proposal to encode Meroitic in plane 1 (N1638 and N2098)                  Review

7.3.    Compatibility Ideographs encoding (N2159)                                         Review

7.4.    Roadmap - plane 1, 2, 14 (N2114, N2115, N2116)                               Review and approve

7.5.    Old Mongol scripts (N2163)                                                               FYI


8.       10646-1: 2000

8.1.    Proposal for Khmer Amendment 25 (N2149, N2164)                            Review

8.2.    Proposal to extend character glyph model TR 15285 (N2148)               Review

8.3.    Carried over from previous meetings:                                                  Review

8.3.1.        Proposal to supplement Arabic for Uighur, Kazakh & Kirghiz (N2048)

8.3.2.        Early Aramaic, etc. (Unicode Tech Report # 3 – N2042)

8.3.3.        Apostrophe and quotation mark (N2043)

8.3.4.        Encoding of New Tai Lue (N2044)

8.4.    Editorial corrigenda (N2158)                                                               Review and approve

8.5.    Other possible technical corrigenda                                                    Review and approve

8.6.    Roadmap – BMP – plane 0 (N2113)                                                   Review and approve

8.7.    Peso and Peseta Sign (N2156, N2161)                                               Review

8.8.    Encoding of NG and ng for Philippines (N2165)                                    Review

8.9.    Lao repertoire  - collection 26 (N2162)                                                FYI

8.10.Proposal to encode Latin combining characters (N2160)                      Review

8.11.Proposed Lithuanian repertoire additions (N2075R)                              Review again


9.         Architecture issues

10.      Publication issues

11.      IRG status and reports                                                                          

11.1.IRG Resolutions (N2143)


12.      Defect reports                                                                                       

13.      Liaison reports                                                                                     

13.1.Unicode Consortium

13.1.1.    From Unicode to SC2

13.1.2.    From SC2 to Unicode                                                          






14.   Other business                                                                                       

14.1.Web Site Review                                                                             

14.2.Future Meetings

14.2.1.    Meeting 39 – 11 – 15 September 2000, Greece – in conjunction with WG3 and SC2 plenary

14.2.2.    Meeting 40 – March 2001 – US


15.   Closing

15.1.Approval of Resolutions of Meeting 38