ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N 2325

DATE: 2000-02-25


Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) - ISO/IEC 10646

Secretariat: ANSI



2nd Calling Notice Meeting 40 preliminary agenda


2nd Call WG2 Meeting # 40, in Mountain View, CA, U.S.A., hosted by the Unicode Consortium 2 - 5 April 2001.


Mike Ksar, Convener


JTC 1.02.18 ISO/IEC 10646


SC2/WG2 participants are requested to make plans to attend especially for those who need a visa to come to the U.S.


ACT Make plans to attend and provide input on agenda items to include in the preliminary agenda.




SC2/WG2 members and Liaison organizations






This is the second call for WG2 meeting # 40 from 2 5 April 2001 in Mountain View, California. The host organization is the Unicode Consortium at the Microsoft campus. The logistics information is at Unicode web site: and the SC2/WG2 website. Ms. Magda Danish at the Unicode Consortium is the contact point for logistics. It is extremely important to register for the meeting as well because it will help Ms Danish to prepare entrance badges to the Microsoft before your arrival. The registration form is part of the logistics information. Please note that plans are being finalized to have an outing in the Bay Area on Friday, 6 April 2001, so when you make your travel arrangements remember to extend your stay in the Bay Area an extra day.


WG2 will be meeting starting at 10:00 am Monday, 2 April 2001 and conclude on Thursday, 5 April 2001, hopefully before noon.


This second call for WG2 meeting # 40 includes an updated preliminary agenda, which includes the documents that have been posted on the web site since the 1st call went out in December. The agenda outline is similar to the one we used in our earlier meeting in Athens. It will be posted to the SC2/WG2 website at URL: The deadline for receiving documents related to this meeting is 15 March 2001. I do not plan to send out a hard copy document except for experts who do not have access to the web and need a hard copy. If you cannot send me an electronic copy of your contribution, please send me the paper copy and I will scan it and create a pdf file for posting. It is preferable to have all contributions as pdf files but I can accept Word documents as well. I do not guarantee posting any documents that arrive after 31 March 2001.


The objective of this meeting is to continue the WG2 program of work, with special focus on the disposition of comments on ballots for PDAM1, 10646-1:2000 and to continue processing FDIS 10646-2:2000.


Mike Ksar

Convener ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2


22680 Alcalde Rd.

Cupertino, CA 95014

U. S. A.

Phone: +1 408 255-1217




Updated Preliminary Agenda Meeting # 40 - 2001-02-25

Topic (Document No.)

Proposed Outcome


1.      Opening and roll call Update WG2Distribution List

2.      Approval of the agenda (N2325) Approved agenda

3.      Approval of minutes of meeting 39 (N2253) Approved Minutes

4.      Review action items from previous meeting (N2253) Updated Action Item List

5.        JTC1 and ITTF matters: FYI



6.        SC2 matters: FYI

6.1.  SC2 Program of Work FYI

6.2.  Submittals to ITTF FYI

6.3.  Ballot results FYI


7.        10646-1: 2000 (N2308)

7.1.   PDAM1 10646-1:2000 disposition of comments (N2295) Prepare and confirm

7.2.   Comments (1 & 2) on PDAM1 (N2320) Review

7.3.   US Comments - PDAM1 (N2323)

7.4.   Feedback from Japan on N2271 to amend source code (N2294) Review

7.5.   Accessing 10646-1:2000 CD ROM files (N2296) Review

7.6.   On the letters ENG and N with Long RIGHT LEG (N2306) Review

7.7.   Response to Japanese Query on IPA tone letters (N2307) Review

7.8.   Background information on Recycling Symbols (N2310) Review

7.9.   Presentation of tone countours (N2312) Review

7.10.Roadmap - BMP (N2313, N2316) Review

7.11.Additional Mathematical Symbols (N2318) Review

7.12.Proposal to complete the Dingbats block in 10646 (N2321) Review

7.13.Proposal to add "Arabic Tail Fragment" (N2322) Review



8.        10646-2:

8.1.   Further processing FDIS 10646-2 (N2309, N2298) Develop plan

8.2.   Legacy cuneiform font implementations (N2297) Review

8.3.   SuperCJK, Version 11.1 (N2299) Review

8.4.   Roadmap - early Semitic scripts (N2311) Review

8.5.   Roadmap - Plane 1 (N2314) Review



9.        Architecture issues

9.1.   Information necessary for TR 15285 amendments (N2324) Review


10.     Publication issues


11.     IRG status and reports

11.1.IRG Resolutions

12.     Defect reports


13.     Liaison reports

13.1.Unicode Consortium



13.4.W3C - Character Model (N2319)


14.     Other business

14.1.Web Site Review

14.2.Future Meetings

14.2.1.   Meeting 41 October 2001 Singapore

14.2.2.   Meeting 42 March/April 2002 - Ireland


15.     Closing

15.1.Approval of Resolutions of Meeting 40