Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N 2354

Date: 2001-04-05


WG 2 meeting 40, Mountain View, CA, USA, 2001-04-02/06


Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 40


For approval by SC 2 and for information to WG 2 and WG 3


Adopted at meeting 40 of WG 2


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 and WG 2


Canada, China, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, DPR of Korea, Republic of Korea, Sweden, the Unicode Consortium (Liaison), and the USA were represented when the following resolutions were adopted.


27 delegates representing 9 national bodies, 1 liaison organization, and 4 guests were present at different times during the meeting (see attached attendance list).


RESOLUTION M40.1 (Ad hoc report on Korean):

With reference to the Korean ad hoc report in document N2331, WG 2

a.      Advises the Korean ad hoc group to take note of and respect the following principles:

i.                 once a character is assigned a code position in the standard it cannot be reassigned in the interest of ensuring interoperability of standardized characters.

ii.                the arrangement of the characters in the standard is fixed; sorting and collation of the characters is outside the scope of the standard.

iii.              the character names chosen by WG 2 for the English version of the standard are unique, fixed and may be arbitrary; once a character name is assigned, it cannot be changed even if additional information is provided later.  These name strings are used in implementations, for example to establish correspondences with characters in other standards.

iv.               any inconsistencies in names could be adjusted in other language versions either when the standard is translated or in supplementary external documentation.

b.      nominates Professor Kyongksok Kim and an expert from DPR of Korea (name to be provided later) as co-chairs of the Korean ad hoc group;

c.      invites the Korean ad hoc group to review and refine the proposals from DPR of Korea according to the Korean ad hoc recommendations in document N2282 from meeting M39 in Athens;

d.      invites the Korean ad hoc group to prepare and contribute towards developing a set of Data Tables containing the sources for the CJK ideographs in 10646-1 (similar to the other CJK source data tables in FDIS 10646-2) for consideration by the IRG;

e.      recommends that the Korean ad hoc group direct items that are outside the scope of 10646, to other appropriate standards groups, for example ordering of Korean characters to SC 22/WG 20; and,

f.       suggests to DPR of Korea that one avenue for addressing their concerns about names for Korean characters in 10646-1 (English version) is to prepare a Korean language version of 10646 standard using the most appropriate Korean names for the 10646 characters.


RESOLUTION M40.2 (Principles and Procedures):

With reference to document N2352, WG 2 accepts the revisions to the principles and procedures, modified with comments from meeting 40 (as documented in N2352R).  WG 2 further resolves to make this document and the updated versions of the Proposal Summary Form and the Roadmap documents accessible on the WG 2 web site home page as public documents, using a stable URL (such as ../roadmaps.html).


RESOLUTION M40.3 (FDIS 10646-2):

WG 2 notes the ballot results and comments in document N2337 to FDIS 10646-2 (N2309) and instructs its editor with assistance from the contributing editors, to prepare the .PDF files containing the final text of IS 10646-2, incorporating editorial changes discussed during the meeting, and forward it in a form suitable for ITTF publication on a CDROM, to meet the original publication target date of December 2001.


RESOLUTION M40.4 (PDAM-1 to 10646-1:2000):

WG 2 accepts the disposition of comments in document N2355 to ballot responses in documents N2328 on PDAM-1 to 10646-1: 2000.  WG 2 particularly notes that the character at 17DD KHMER SIGN LAAK has been removed (pending further clarification), four new Recycling Symbols have been added, 25FF was moved to 27D0, and new 25FF LOWER RIGHT TRIANGLE was added .  Also some character names and several character shapes have been refined, in PDAM-1, per national body comments.  WG 2 instructs its editor with assistance from the contributing editors to prepare the text for FPDAM-1 reflecting the disposition of comments and the additional characters accepted per resolution M40.5 below.  WG 2 further instructs its editor to submit the FPDAM-1 text along with the disposition of comment to the SC 2 secretariat for further processing with unchanged target completion dates -- FPDAM 2001-10, FDAM 2002-02, AM 2002-06.


RESOLUTION M40.5 (Additional characters for BMP):

WG 2 accepts the following new characters:

a.      0220 in the BMP – LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH LONG RIGHT LEG, with the proposed glyph in section 5c of document N2306R;

b.      74 new Math Symbols including 11 Long Arrows recommended for inclusion by the Math Ad hoc group, with glyphs, names and positions per document N2356, with 21A4 moved to 21F4, and changes to block names discussed during the meeting;

c.      14 additional Zapf Dingbat characters at positions 2768 through 2775, with the proposed names on page 4 and the proposed glyphs on page 5 of document N2321;

d.      FE73 in the BMP, ARABIC TAIL FRAGMENT with the glyph proposed on page 5 of document N2322;

e.      066E ARABIC LETTER DOTLESS BEH and 066F ARABIC LETTER DOTLESS QAF, with glyphs shown in document N2357;

f.       10F7 GEORGIAN LETTER YN and 10F8 GEORGIAN LETTER ELIFI, with glyphs shown in document N2346R;

g.      034F – COMBINING GRAPHEME JOINER – with a glyph composed of a dotted circle with a dashed box with the letters CGJ inside it;

h.      Per discussion in meeting 40 on disposition of comments to ballot responses to PDAM-1 from Ireland and the US:






in the BMP, with the glyphs as shown on page 3 of Irish comments in document N2328.

WG 2 further resolves to progress these characters as part of Amendment 1 to 10646-1: 2000, and instructs its editor to include these characters in the text of FPDAM-1 (per resolution M40.4 above).


RESOLUTION M40.6 (Correction of Glyph Errors):

WG 2 acknowledges several glyph errors in 10646-1 reported in the ballot responses in document N2238 to PDAM-1 and instructs its editor with assistance from the contributing editors to add the necessary corrections to the editorial corrections accumulated at the end of meeting 39 (updated document N2232 to be prepared by the editor per resolution M39.5, in document N2254R).


WG 2 further resolves to process those glyph corrections needed for the code tables in FPDAM-1 as part of FPDAM-1, and instructs its editor with assistance from the contributing editors to include the necessary corrigenda in FPDAM-1 text per resolution M40.4 above.


WG 2 further instructs its editor to create with the assistance of the contributing editors the text for a corrigendum to 10646-1: 2000 containing the remaining items from the editorial corrigenda, and submit to SC 2 secretariat for further processing as a minor revision.


RESOLUTION M40.7 (Disunified Math Symbols):
   US Negative

WG 2 provisionally accepts to add 6 new math symbols (2B00 to 2B05), rename two math symbols (at 2985, 2986 currently in FPDAM-1), add two characters ( at 33DE, 33DF in the CJK block), per recommendation of the Math ad hoc group in document N2345R, with the intent of including these in the standard in the FDAM-1 to 10646-1.  This provisional acceptance is to permit member bodies and liaison organizations to review and comment by the next meeting of WG 2 in October 2001.


RESOLUTION M40.8 (Defect Report – JIS X0213):
Japan Abstains

WG 2 rejects the request for a future technical corrigendum proposed in document N2334 from Japan, on the basis that the problem reported is not a defect in (FDIS) 10646-2.


RESOLUTION M40.9 (Future Meetings):

WG 2 meetings:

Meeting 41 – October 15--19, 2001, Singapore (co-located with SC 2 plenary)

Meeting 42 – March/April 2002 –Ireland (Sweden, Norway as backups)

Meeting 43 – Fall 2002 (co-located with SC 2 plenary) Japan (Norway backup).

IRG meetings:

IRG 17            HKSAR, 2001-06-18/22

IRG 18            Japan, 2001-12-03/07


RESOLUTION M40.10 (Appreciation to DKUUG for web services):
                   By Acclamation

WG 2 thanks DKUUG, in particular Mr. Keld Simonsen, for its continued support of the web site for WG 2 document distribution and the e-mail server.


RESOLUTION M40.11 (Appreciation):
                   By Acclamation

WG 2 thanks its hosts the US member body, Microsoft Corporation and the Unicode Consortium for hosting the meeting, to Arnold Winkler of Unisys for providing the hardcopies of documents for the meeting, and Ms. Magda Danish for providing excellent secretarial and administrative support.  WG 2 further thanks the US Member Body and the sponsors, for their kind hospitality and the excursion to the Monterey peninsula and nearby attractions.

The following twenty seven (27) delegates representing nine (9) national bodies, one (1) liaison organization and four (4) Guests attended the meeting.





Alain La Bonté


Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor du Québec, Gouvernement du Québec

V. S. (Uma) Umamaheswaran

Recording Secretary

IBM Canada

Jin Zhen-Rong


Kyung Hee University

Zhang Zhoucai

China, IRG Rapporteur


Christian Cooke


Lionet Technologies

Michael Everson


Everson Gunn Teoranta



Keio University

Takayuki K. SATO


Centre of the International Cooperation for Computerization



Justsystem Corporation

Jo Nam Ho

DPR of Korea

Academy of Sciences of DPR Korea

Kim Yong Song

DPR of Korea

Committee for Standardization

Kim Yu Jong

DPR of Korea

Pyongyang Informatics Centre

Pak Dong Gi

DPR of Korea

Committee for Standardization

Gwang-Hwa JUNG

Republic of Korea

Agency for Technology and Standards, MOCIE

Kyongsok Kim

Republic of Korea

Busan National University

Tae-Su Han

Republic of Korea

Agency for Technology and Standards

Asmus Freytag

Liaison - The Unicode Consortium

Unicode, Inc.

Vladas Tumasonis


Vilnius University

Deborah Anderson


University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

Joseph D. Becker


Xerox Corporation

Richard S. Cook


University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

Matthew Y. Ahn

Guest (Chinese Translator)

K.C. Services, Fullerton, CA, USA

Kent Karlsson


Industri-Matematik International

Arnold F. Winkler


Unisys Corporation

Hideki Hiura


Sun Microsystems Inc.

Joan Aliprand


Research Libraries Group

Ken Whistler


Sybase, Inc.

Lisa Moore


IBM Corporation

Michael Y. Ksar

USA, Convener

Unicode, Inc.

Michel Suignard

USA; Editor Parts 1 & 2

Microsoft Corporation

Edwin F. Hart

USA; Editor TR 15285

SHARE; Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University