ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N 2431R

DATE:  2002-05-11


Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) - ISO/IEC 10646

Secretariat:  ANSI



Calling Notice Meeting 42 – preliminary agenda


3rd Call WG2 Meeting # 42, in Dublin, Ireland 20 – 23 (noon) May 2002


Mike Ksar, Convener


JTC 1.02.18 – ISO/IEC 10646


Those who need visas need to start working on them


ACT – Make plans to attend and provide input on agenda items.




SC2/WG2 members and Liaison organizations






This is the third and final call for WG2 meeting # 42 starting on 20 May 2002 at 10:00 am and ending at noon on 23 May 2002 in Dublin, Ireland.  The host organization is NSAI, the national body of Ireland.  The meeting is also hosted by Microsoft, Lotus and Everson Typography.  The meeting venue is at Microsoft.  Here is the address:



EPDC2, South County Business Park

Dublin 18, Ireland


Mr. Michael Everson is the contact point for logistics and Dr. Ian Cowan from NSAI for visas to enter Ireland.  Those who need a visa to enter Ireland and did not yet get, please contact Dr. Ian J. Cowan immediately.


Mr. Michael Everson                            Dr, Ian J. Cowan

Everson Typography                            National Standards Authority of Ireland                       Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland

Telephone: +353 86 807 9169     

                                                            Phone: +353 1 807-3876/3800    Fax: +353 1 807-3938


Most of the logistics information with respect to the hotel, methods of transportation and the social event on Sunday, 19 May (prior to the meeting starting date) are now posted on the SC2/WG2 website.  Some of you sent notifications of participation experts name but I did not receive it from all experts.  It is extremely helpful to receive this information before the start of the meeting.  Please send the notification of participation to me and to Michael Everson.  Note that the International Unicode Conference is being held the week before the SC2/WG2 meeting to make easy for those who want to attend the conference to make only one trip.  To attend the conference, please register using the following link:


This third call for WG2 meeting # 42 includes a more detailed agenda.  The agenda outline is similar to the one we used in our earlier meetings.  The objective of this meeting is to continue the WG2 program of work.


Mike Ksar

Convener – ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2


Microsoft Corporation

1065 La Avenida Ave

M/S SVC5/1155

Mountain View, CA 94043

U. S. A.

Phone:    +1 650 693-1568

Fax:        +1 425 936-7329



Draft Agenda – Meeting # 42

      Topic (Document No.)

Proposed Outcome


1.      Opening and roll call (N2451)                                                         Update WG2Distribution List

2.      Approval of the agenda  (N2431)                                                  Approved agenda

3.      Approval of minutes of meeting 41 (N2403)                               Approved Minutes

4.      Review action items from previous meeting (N2403)              Updated Action Item List

5.        JTC1 and ITTF matters:                                                                 FYI

5.1.  JTC1 ad hoc on Futures

6.        SC2 matters:                                                                                     FYI

6.1. SC2 Program of Work (URL:       FYI

6.2. Submittals to ITTF                                                                        FYI

6.3. Ballot results                                                                              FYI

6.3.1.     10646-1 Amendment 2 (N2434, N2436, N2438)

6.3.2.     10646-2 Amendment 1 (N2435, N2437, N2439)

7.        Disposition of comments                                                              Resolve

7.1.  10646-1 Amendment 2 (N2434, N2436, N2438)

7.2.  10646-2 Amendment 1 (N2435, N2437, N2439)

8.        10646-1: 2000                                                                                    Review

8.1.    Proposal to add Eject Key (N2432) & Playback (N2415)

8.2.    Myanmar (N2430)

8.3.    Addition of one Hanja code (N2426)

8.4.    Additional character for Indic Scripts (N2425)

8.5.    Proposal to add six Syriac (N2422)

8.6.    Feedback on Tamil Symbols (N2421)

8.7.    Uralic Phonetic Alphabet (N2419, N2442)

8.8.    Urdu contribution (N2413-1, N2413-2, N2413-3, N2413-4)

8.9.    Khmer (N2406, N2412)

8.10.   Proposal to add two Greek letters for Bactrian (N2411)

8.11.   New ordering rules for Hangul (N2405)

8.12.   Proposal to add Negative circled digit to BMP (N2441)

8.13.   Coptic Supplement in BMP (N2444)

8.14.   Additional compatibility characters from TC46 (N2446)

9.        10646-2: 2001                                                                                    Review

9.1.    Han Variation Selector (N2429)

9.2.    Limbu (N2410, N2428-1, N2428-2, N2428-3)

9.3.    Addition of one Hanja code (N2427)

9.4.    Add monogram, digram and tetragram (N2416)

10.    Architecture issues

11.    Publication issues

11.1.    Font Policy & Error Correction (N2423, N2443, N2445, N2448)

11.2.    Pictorial copy of roadmaps for WG2 usage (N2409)

11.3.    Proposal to combine 10646-1 and -2

12.    IRG status and reports                                                                  

12.1.    IRG Resolutions #18, #19 (N2418, N2447)

12.2.    Generation of mapping tables between ROK & DPRK (N2407)


13.    Defect reports

13.1.    Gujarati (N2417)

14.    Liaison reports                                                                                

14.1.    Unicode Consortium (N2433)

14.2.    IETF (RFC UTF-8 revision)                                                    

14.3.    TC304 (N2440)

14.4.    W3C

14.5.    SC22

15.    Other business                                                                                

15.1.    Web Site Review                                                                    

15.2.    Future Meetings

15.2.1.Meeting 43 – December 2002 – Japan along with SC2 plenary

15.2.2.Meeting 44 – 4th quarter/Fall 2003 – US West Coast

16.    Closing

16.1.    Approval of Resolutions of Meeting 42

16.2.    Adjournment



Detailed Logistics Information:


The meeting venue is in the Microsoft buildings. EPDC2 (where the meeting will take place) is located in South County Business Park.  This is somewhat south of the city centre, where Dublin's nightlife reigns supreme.


If you are traveling by car or taxi, can make your way to the Leopardstown Roundabout, you take the exit for South County Business Park (this is also the exit for Leopardstown Hospital). You follow that road to the very end which brings you to the EPDC2 building. There is parking all around the building and you should have no problem getting a space close to the reception. The Auditorium, where the meeting will be held, is directly opposite the reception desk when you walk in the main door. You will need to check in at reception first and pick up an ID badge.


A map of Dublin, showing the airport, the Burlington Hotel, and how to get to the Microsoft buildings is now posted to the SC2/WG2 web site under “meetings”, and “map”.


The 21st Unicode Conference will be at the Burlington hotel the week before the WG2 meeting, and it is likely that a good number of people attending the one and staying there will remain there. Prices given below are *approximate* and for some hotels vary depending on how booked-up they are, so you are advised to contact them and make your arrangements as soon as possible.


Hotels given here are in South City Central (Dublin 2) and in Ballsbridge (Dublin 4). You can book some of these online (see links below).


The hotel closest to the meeting venue is probably the Montrose, if you don't mind being in the middle of nowhere


The Burlington Hotel

Upper Leeson Street

Dublin 4


Phone: +353 1 660 5222

Fax:   +353 1 660 3172

Rate:  EUR235.00 per night (single or double)

Breakfast not included


Other hotels closer to the centre city:


Buswell's Hotel

25 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 676 4013

Fax:   +353 1 676 2090

Rate:  EUR125.00 per night single, EUR195.00 Double

Includes breakfast


Adams Trinity Hotel

28 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 670 7100

Fax:   +353 1 670 7101

Rate:  EUR95.50 per night single, EUR150.50 Double

Includes breakfast


Central Hotel

1/5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 679 7302

Fax:   +353 1 679 7303

Rate:  EUR85.00 per night single

Includes breakfast


Jackson Court Hotel

20/30 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 475 8777

Fax:   +353 1 475 8793

Rate:  EUR85.00 per night single, EUR125.00 Double

Includes breakfast


Albany House B&B

84 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 475 1092

Fax:   +353 1 475 1093

Rate:  EUR80.00 per night single, EUR127.00 Double

Includes breakfast


Grafton House B&B

26/27 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 679 2041

Fax:   +353 1 677 9715

Rate:  EUR65.00 per night single, EUR120.00 Double

Includes breakfast


Leeson Inn

24 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 661 2002

Fax:   +353 1 662 1569


Rate:  EUR90.00 per night single, EUR110.00 Double

Includes breakfast


Bed and Breakfast accommodation may be most easily found using the following



Other useful URLs:


We have planned a bus excursion to Brú na Bóinne, Newgrange, Ireland's 4000-year-old pre-Celtic megalithic monuments, for the Sunday preceding the WG2 meeting. This is hosted by Lotus/IBM. Delegates interested in this excursion should plan to arrive in Ireland on Friday or Saturday.


I am also looking into a visit to the Chester Beatty Museum in the City Centre which is one of the most amazing collections of illuminated manuscripts from the Western, Islamic, and Asian traditions. That could be for Thursday afternoon after the meetings are over, or Friday if people are staying on.


You are kindly requested to register for the bus excursion.  The final details and arrangements for the excursion are not available yet but please notify Michael Everson of your intentions if you plan to participate in this excursion.


We are looking forward to receiving our WG2 colleagues in Dublin!


Michael Everson *** Everson Typography ***