ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N2548

DATE: 2002-12-06


Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) - ISO/IEC 10646

Secretariat: ANSI



Calling Notice Meeting 43 preliminary agenda updates N2484 1st Call document


Final Call WG2 Meeting # 43, in Tokyo, Japan 9 12 (noon) December 2002


Mike Ksar, Convener


JTC 1.02.18 ISO/IEC 10646


Those who need visas need to start working on them; I hope they have their visas


ACT Make plans to attend and provide input on agenda items.


Closed 2002-12-03


SC2/WG2 members and Liaison organizations






This is the final call for WG2 meeting # 43 from 9 12 (noon) December 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. The host organization is ITSCJ, the national body of Japan. Several attachments that detail the logistics of the meeting have been posted with the first call in September.


Ms. Toshiko Kimura, SC2 Secretariat, is the contact point for logistics. Those who need a visa to enter Japan hopefully have obtained their visas by now.


WG2 will be meeting starting at 10:00 am Monday, 9 December 2002 and conclude on Thursday, 12 December 2002. The SC2/WG2 meeting is followed by the SC2 plenary.


This final call for WG2 meeting # 43 includes an updated preliminary agenda based on some of the contributions that I received after the first two calls.


The objective of this meeting is to continue the WG2 program of work with special attention on the disposition of comments for the two amendments that are under ballot and the updated working draft of the merged 10646-1&2 documents N 2499R, which is already posted on the SC2/WG2 web site.


Mike Ksar

Convener ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2


Microsoft Corporation


1065 La Avenida Ave

Mountain View, CA 94043

U. S. A.

Phone: +1 650 693-1568

Fax: +1 425 936-7329





Preliminary Agenda Meeting # 43 2002-12-06

Topic (Document No.)

Proposed Outcome


1.       Opening and roll call (N2501) Update WG2Distribution List

2.       Approval of the agenda (N2548) Approved agenda

3.       Approval of minutes of meeting 42 (N2453) Approved Minutes

4.       Review action items from previous meeting (N2453) Updated Action Item List

5.         JTC1 and ITTF matters: FYI

5.1.   JTC1 Plenary 2002 Resolutions (J1N6927)



6.         SC2 matters: FYI

6.1.   Announcement of publication 10646-1 Amendment 1 (SC2 N3626) FYI

6.2.   Program of Work [] FYI

6.3.   Request for subdivision of work to merge parts 1 & 2 (N2506) FYI

6.4.   Submittals to ITTF FYI

6.5.   Ballot results 10646-1 AMD 2 (N2520) and 10646-2 AMD 1(N2521) FYI

6.6.   WG2 Report to SC2 (N2519) FYI

6.7.   ETSI telephone keypad proposal (N2511) FYI


7.         10646-1: 2000

7.1.    Disposition of Comments on ballot results FPDAM 2 (N2541) Resolve and forward to SC2

7.2.    Proposal Summary - Latinized Taiwanese (N2507) Review

7.3.    Proposal Summary - Vertical Line Extension Char (N2508) Review

7.4.    Shaping behavior - Syriac char. for Sogdian & Persian (N2509) Review

7.5.    Proposal Summary - Greek Capital Lunate Sigma Symbol (N2512) Review

7.6.    Proposal Summary - 6 characters from Hong Kong (N2513) Review

7.7.    Proposal Summary encode one Latin letter, ue (N2514) Review

7.8.    Request to add 3 Hanja characters to 10646-1 (N2517) Review

7.9.    Request to add Oriya letter to 10646-1 (N2525) Review

7.10.Request to add Afghani sign (N2523) Review

7.11.Proposal to encode the Greek Letter San (N2522) Review

7.12.Proposal to encode Devanagari Glottal Stop (N2543) Review

7.13.Proposal to encode Greek Metrical Symbols (N2546) Review

7.14.Revised proposal for encoding the Glagolitic script (N2555) Review

7.15.Revised proposal - encode Ol Chiki & response (N2505, N2561/2) Review

7.16.Proposal on Tibetan BrdaRten Characters Encoding (N2558) Review

7.17.Proposal for encoding additional Cyrillic Siberian Yupik (N2560) Review


8.         10646-2:

8.1.    Disposition of Comments on ballot results FPDAM 1(N2542) Resolve and forward to SC2

8.2.    Request to add 2 Hanja characters to 10646-2 (N2518) Review

8.3.    Proposal to Encode Kharoshthi in Plane 1 of 10646-2 (N2524) Review

8.4.    Proposal to encode the Manichaean script (N2544) Review

8.5.    Proposal to encode Old Persian (N2545) Review

8.6.    Proposal to encode Ancient Greek Musical Symbols (N2547) Review

8.7.    Proposal to encode the Saurashtra script in the UCS (N2549) Review

8.8.    Revised proposal to encode the Avestan and Pahlavi (N2556) Review


9.         Architecture issues

9.1.    Merged 10646 parts 1 & 2 (N2499R, N2527, N2528, N2529) Review and approve

9.2.    Roadmap Request (N2515, N2559) Review

9.3.    Note on soft hyphen (N2531, N2557) Review

9.4.    Constraints on character names for loose matching (N2536) Review

9.5.    CJK compatibility characters (N2530) Review


10.      Publication issues


11.      IRG status and reports

11.1.IRG Resolutions (N2532) Review and approve

11.2.Request for clarifications CJK Strokes (N2526) Review

11.3.Create an Ideographic subset within 10646 (N2539) Review

11.4.IRG Report to SC2 Plenary and to WG2 (N2538) FYI

11.5.Ideograph Unification (N2535) Review

11.6.IRG Radical Classification (N2534) Review

11.7.Report on first stroke/stroke count (N2533 and N2533A) Review


12.      Defect reports


13.      Liaison reports

13.1.Unicode Consortium (N2516)

13.2.TC46 (N2498)



13.5.W3C (SC2 document)


14.      Other business

14.1.Web Site Review

14.2.Future Meetings

14.2.1.    Meeting 44 October 2003 US national body & Unicode Consortium

14.2.2.    Meeting 45 Fall 2004


15.      Closing

15.1.Approval of Resolutions of Meeting 43 (N2554)