ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2 N2855R

DATE:  2005-01-25




Updated Preliminary Agenda meeting # 46, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China:  24 – 28 January 2005


Mike Ksar, Convener


JTC 1.02.18 – ISO/IEC 10646


To be approved at meeting 46


ACT – Review and send feeback to add/correct




SC2/WG2 members and Liaison organizations






     Topic (Document No.)

Proposed Outcome


1.    Opening and roll call (N2901)                                                     Updated WG2 Experts List

2.    Approval of the agenda  (N2855)                                                Approved agenda

3.    Approval of minutes of meeting 45 (N2753)                              Approved Minutes

4.    Review action items from previous meeting (N2753A)              Updated Action Item List

5.      JTC1 and ITTF matters:                                                              FYI

5.1.      JTC1 plenary 2004 Resolutions (N2867)


6.      SC2 matters:                                                                               FYI

6.1.    Resolutions of the 13th Plenary of SC2 (N2837, N2913)

6.2.    Proposed modification of SC2 scope (N2843)

6.3.    Request for subdivision of work – Amendment 2 (N2835)

6.4.    14651 FPDAM 2 (N2866, N2872, N2886, N2915)

6.5.    SC2 Program of Work                                                    

6.6.    Submittals to ITTF                                                        

6.7.    Ballot results                                                                

6.7.1.        FPDAM1 (N2845, N2879)                                 

6.7.2.        PDAM2 (N2846, N2876)                                   


7.      10646: 2003

7.1.    Proposed Disposition of Comments FPDAM 1 (N2881)             Approval & FDAM text

7.2.    Proposed Disposition of Comments PDAM2 (N2880)                Approval & FPDAM text

7.3.    Additional feedback on FPDAM1 and PDAM2

7.3.1.        Modifications to Tifinagh names (N2862)

7.3.2.        Mention Tifinagh characters in Annex E (N2863)

7.3.3.        Phags-pa – China input (N2869c, N2869, N2870, N2871, N2912)

7.3.4.        N’Ko Proposal in Amendment 2 (N2891, N2898, N2911, N2914)

7.3.5.        Phoenician (N2909, N2907)

7.4.    Additional Repertoire proposals:                                        Review and resolve   

7.4.1.        Proposal to add Palestinian Pointing (N2838)

7.4.2.        Proposal to add Babylonian Pointing (N2759, N2839)

7.4.3.        HEBREW POINT HOLAM HASER FOR VAV (N2840, N2844)

7.4.4.        Mathematical Horizontal Bracket Characters (N2842)

7.4.5.        Revision additional Latin Phonetic & Orthographic char. (N2847)

7.4.6.        Preliminary proposal for encoding the Balinese script (N2856, N2908, N2916)

7.4.7.        Proposal to add six characters for Kannada (N2860)

7.4.8.        Proposal to add a block of CJK Basic Strokes (N2864)

7.4.9.        26 Mathematical characters (N2874)

7.4.10.    Saurashtra Linebreaking and other properties (N2875)

7.4.11.    Revised Proposal to encode Chinantec tone marks (N2883)

7.4.12.    Proposal for Aktieselskab character (N2887)

7.4.13.    Proposal for Latin Capital Letter Double S (N2888)

7.4.14.    Proposal for an addition of letterlike symbol A/S (N2889)

7.4.15.    Updated proposal for Uighur, Kazakh and Kirghiz (N2897)

7.4.16.    Revision - Additional Latin Phonetic and Orthographic Characters  (N2906)

7.5.    Other contributions carried forward from previous meetings

7.5.1.        Myanmar (N2768, N2827)

7.5.2.        Proposal to add counting rod numerals to Unicode & 10646 (N2816)

7.5.3.        Proposal to phonetic click characters (N2790)

7.5.4.        Proposal to add Samaritan Pointing (N2758)

7.5.5.        Proposal to encode dominoes and other game symbols (N2760)


8.      Architecture issues                                                                     Review and resolve

8.1.      Extensions to support new character data types for C (N2841)     

8.2.      Contribution on Annex on Identifiers (N2895)

8.3.      Hangul tranliteration rules (N2918)


9.      Publication issues/Policy Issues                                                Review and resolve

9.1.      Proposed Joint (Unicode, ISO/IEC) font license agreement (N2890)

9.2.      Roadmap snapshot (N2894)

9.3.      Updated Principles & Procedures (N2902)


10.  IRG status and reports                                                      

10.1.  IRG Resolutions (N2892, N2917)


11.  Defect reports                                                                            Review and resolve

11.1.  Possible Defect in Annex E.2 – Other Mirrored Characters (N2877)

11.2.  Correcting reference glyph LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH HOOK (N2859)

11.3.  Discrepancy between name & glyph of U+2B00, 2B01, 2B08 & 2B09 (N2868)

11.4.  Defect Report on Kangxi Radical Forms, revisited (N2882)



12.  Liaison reports                                                                           FYI

12.1.  Unicode Consortium (N2873)

12.2.  IETF

12.3.  TC46: Report on transfer of TC46/SC4 to JTC1/SC2 (N2865)       

12.4.  SC22: SC22 Plenary 2004 Resolutions (N2849, N2884, N2885, N2896)

12.5.  W3C

12.6.  CDSG

12.6.1.    CDSG Meeting Minutes 2004-10-01 (N2857)

12.6.2.    CDSG Action Item List from meeting 2004-10-01 (N2858)

12.6.3.    CDSG Terms of Reference (N2899)


13.  Other business                                                                   

13.1.  Web Site Review                                                                  FYI

13.2.  Future Meetings                                                                   Review and resolve

13.2.1.    Meeting 47 – Summer 2005 – Soliciting host in Europe

13.2.2.    Meeting 48 – Winter/Spring 2006 – Soliciting host


14.  Closing

14.1.  Approval of Resolutions of Meeting 46 (N2904)                      Approved resolutions

14.2.  Adjournment