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ISOIECJTC1/SC22/WG11 - Binding Techniques

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News 2003-08-23: N486 First CD ISO/IEC 11404 - General Purpose Datatypes - for ballot (ballot closes at 2003-11-12)
News 2002-12-24: N481 First CD version of LIA-3 (ballot closed on 2002-12-24) and its result
News 2001-05-01: TR 10182 available on-line

News 2000-04-03: ISO 11404 available on-line

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG11 is the international standardization working group working on binding techniques for programming languages: how to make specifications independent of programming languages, and then apply these specifications to the programming languages.

Approved international specifications produced include:

You can obtain these international standards via your national member body.

Work in progress include:

The WG11 document register with links to documents is available.

Information on meetings are also available.

If you want further information, or want to participate, please contact your national member body or one of the WG11 addresses.

For members of WG11 there are a number of internal documents available.

2000-08-13: standards | projects | documents | internals | meetings | contacts

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