Multilingual Application Interface for Telematic Services

MAITS is a consortium formed to specify an Applications Programming Interface (API) for multilingual applications in the telematic services. A number of telematic applications, such as X.500, WWW, X.400, internet mail and data bases, is planned to be enhanced to use this i18n API and products are planned to be implemented using the API. MAITS has been approved for funding under the CEC 4th framework programme. A summary in Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, and a fact sheet describing MAITS are available. Machine translated summaries in the languages German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are available too, for a demonstration of current MT technology.

MAITS is oriented towards using standards and producing standards and maintains an overview of contemporary i18n work.

MAITS has a public email list for news and discussions about the MAITS project.

For MAITS consortium use and approved users of the consortium there is access to MAITS working documents.

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